Strafe: Land of Lizards is a game for the B.D.S rated E10+ made for Series Swap Day. This game takes place right before the events of Syria.


One day Strafe decided to rest outside. He then fell asleep shortly. He woke up to see a lizard was near his ankle. Strafe was curious and decided to pick it up. But suddenly, it started talking. Which was very weird for Strafe. It told that his homeland was being attacked by a foe name 3xo. He kept eating his relatives and friends and wanted Strafe to help him. He pinched himself, to make sure it was just a dream, only to find out by the pain that it wasn't. So Strafe decided to help the Lizard, who's name was revealed to be named Gamma. The Lizard led him to a strange looking stump. Gamma told Strafe place his palm in the middle and Strafe did just that. He then became smaller than Gamma and fell on The Lizard's back. The Lizard told him that this is normal and to hold on to him. It was because he was going to teleport Strafe, into the Land of Lizards.




A = talk

A + side = punch

B = kick

B + side = Side kick

C + certain direction = Move Camera

X/Y = Jump

X/Y near Gamma or a vehicle = ride it

X/Y when on Gamma or a vehicle = get off it

Z = Map


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