Strafe: Brother is the second game chronologically in the Strafe series, and the sequel to Strafe: Heaven Born. Strafe: Brother is a Novaya exclusive game.


After the events of Strafe: Heaven Born, and with the death of Sear, a noble named Crown invites Strafe to the Capital District, wishing to speak with him. Strafe reluctantly accepts the invitation, knowing that if he didn't it would only offend Crown who had an even larger army than Sear and would stand a much better chance were he to declare war on the Thieves Guild.

Upon arriving, Crown explains to Strafe that after Sear's irrational actions, many of the upper class had begun to reconsider their stance on those living in the outskirts. He offers Strafe a position amongst the aristocracy, and the ownership of all of Sear's possessions, including the land he owns in the city and his army. Strafe accepts the offer, knowing how much he could help the outskirt districts if he had a say in the city's politics.

When he returns to the Thieves District, however, he is called a traitor and kicked out of the Guild for supposedly betraying them. The Guild puts a bounty on his head, but out of respect for their prior guild mate the guards allow him to escape for one time. Distraught, Strafe runs away and sees a mysterious cloaked figure beckoning him to follow. Curious, Strafe does so and the figure reveals he is a member of the Vermin of Noah. Strafe is lead through a series of back alleys and hidden tunnels to the Vermin headquarters in the Rotten District, while being assured that no Rotten are in the area.

The Vermin reveal they had been contacted by Crown, who knew the Thieves Guild would be too stubborn to help a noble, even if they were working towards the same ends. Strafe is introduced to the Vermin's leader, Decay. Decay explains that Crown had enlisted the help of them and many others to overthrow the current system of government, re-establish relations with the neighbouring cities and create a new society where every citizen has equal rights.

With their objective in mind, Crown and Strafe organise a parliament amongst the nobles. They reveal their plans, and the nobles predictably are in opposition. Crown declares war on the other nobles, telling them that if they do not surrender he will forcefully overthrow them.





  • Brawl Gloves: Brawl Gloves provide added damage in hand-to-hand combat. They can be upgraded to increase damage and attack speed, and unlock new special attacks.
  • Sleight Gloves: Sleight Gloves increase the reload speed of all weapons. They can be upgraded to increase movement speed while climbing, lockpicking and pickpocketing ability, and increase reload speed further.



  • Amber Earrings




Vehicles return from Strafe: Land of Lizards, marking their first appearance in a main series Strafe game.

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