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Strafe, the reformed thief.
Full Name Strafe
Current Age 18 (Strafe: Heaven Born)
19 (Fantendo Dare)
20 (Fantendo - Playing War)
22 (Fantendo - Wounds of Time)
41 (Teardrop Stratosball)
Date of Birth 780FC
Gender Male
Location Noah
Current Status Dead (as of Syria)
Thieves Guild (Strafe: Heaven Born)
Vermin of Noah (Strafe 2)
Family and Relations
Micaliye (fake mother, aunt)
Black God (uncle)
Palutena (real mother)
Lock (father)
Silence (cousin)
Rose Reaper (half-sister)
Ella (Pre-Shattering)
Marcus (Pre-Shattering)
Athene (Pre-Shattering)
Ability/ies Agility, precision aiming
"Jack" (by Leah)
First Appearance Strafe: Heaven Born
Latest Appearance Strafe 2

Strafe, sometimes formally referred to as Strafe Lockborn, is the main character of his eponymous series, and a demigod birthed by the White Goddess. His mother's human incarnation was murdered by his father, Lock, at an early age, so he joined the Thieves Guild and became a well-known criminal in Noah.



Strafe: Heaven Born

Strafe: Brother

Blood Trance

Strafe is available as a playable character through non-canon downloadable content in Blood Trance. The Strafe who is playable is an alternate universe version of Strafe where, after his mother's death, he fled to Marais and began to study at the Scirevicis Academy, who accepted him because of the massive amounts of magical potential he held as a descendant of two different deities (Micaliye and Kai). He is a Photomancer, but also knows a number of Cryomantic spells due to his Winterblood heritage.

Fantendo Dare

Fantendo - Playing War

In the fan-fic, Strafe appears as the main character. He, along with Unten, are trying to dispose of all the Dimensional Originals in the "real world" so that the Dimensional Duplicates that are killing people in the Fantendoverse would die, too. On his journey, he meets Simon & Bouncer, who offer to help him on his quest.

Later, he encounters his father, Lock, who had apparently died. He and Strafe elaborate on their pasts and Strafe attempts to kill him, but doesn't. Even later in the story, Strafe vows to kill his evil father and learns of his coordinates, Yellowstone National Park. He, Simon, and Bouncer are transported there and they look for him. Strafe finds him holding Simon by his neck over the geyser and Bouncer nowhere to be seen. Lock then tells Strafe more about his past and his mother, drops Simon into the geyser, and tells Strafe that Strafe's entire life was a sick plot to cause Strafe emotional torment in the future. After discovering this, Strafe shoots his father in the head and Bouncer saves Simon in the nick of time and they leave.

Fantendo - Wounds of Time

In Fantendo - Wounds of Time his relationship develops with Ella, in which he decided to propose to her on a beautiful beach. But, was distracted by two bodies in the water being held by crashed boat pieces, barley conscious. As a good samaritan, he went to go save them. Cap'n Wally was ever grateful and offered a free ship ride before he is taken by Jacob's mysterious grey matter. He is eventually found in a tomb where the final battle with Jacob enrages, he and the crew is seemingly killed and the last member remaining Ella sacrifices herself for them. In tears, the group agree to defeat Jacob for good. Strafe vows to Marcus that he will look after him if they make it out alive. They defeat Jacob and he is banished for now... Ella is thankfully revived and they are both in tears of joy. They agree to adopt Marcus when the VineVillian childrens presence really reveals who they actually are. They enter the portal with Teardrop and Elfain back to Atlantica and begin a new life by the beach. In the epilogue 8 years later, Marcus, his new daughter Athene Metals (named after a Atlantic Goddess) and the two robots are playing on the beach while the parents watch on. Strafe is part of the ever-costant love square in the story, with loving Ella while Elfain has feelings for him.


Strafe has a child with Kireth, naming her Syria. Soon after, however, Syria wanders into the Rotten District of Noah and catches the Rot. Kireth refuses to help her, so Strafe moves to the Rotten District to take care of her by himself, catching the Rot in the process. Eventually, when Syria is sixteen years old, Strafe passes away from the disease and his half-brother Silence becomes Syria's new guardian.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

Strafe: Warzones

Fantendo Now

Fantendo Sports Resort

Alternate Canons

Strafe: Lethal Seven

In this continuity, Strafe is an honorable bounty hunter/assassin rather than a thief, but still lives in Noah and has a similar personality. In the game, Strafe escapes from Noah to start a new life, but finds himself hunted by the Lethal Seven, seven of the world's best assassins.

Other Appearances

Sonic Speedball RPG: The Series

Strafe appeared in Sonic Speedball RPG II: The Coming of Chaos! as a minor non-playable character but appears with a large enemy role in Sonic Speedball RPG III: Nega's Empire.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Duel


Strafe appears as one of eight default characters in Fantendo Smash Bros. Duel, representing the Strafe series (alongside Ramona). He is a fast, light character with a focus on dealing multiple attacks.

Strafe's Special Moves
Standard Special Move Double Tap
Side Special Move Grenade Toss
Up Special Move Backflip
Down Special Move Dive
Final Smash Mother's Blessing

3.14 Sports Mix

  • Name: Strafe
  • Team Name: Mix Pistols
  • Stadium: TBA
  • Alternate Outfit(s): TBA
  • Speed: 6
  • Power: 5
  • Skill: 7
  • Stamina: 6

Personal Information

Physical Description


Strafe has a tendency to dislike all authority, disobeying commands just to to prove his independence (in an attempt to compensate for the helplessness he experienced as a child after his mother's death). Strafe is also capable of becoming extremely dedicated to a cause that he supports, managing to overcome this behavior if he finds it necessary through sheer willpower.

He is often shown as constantly making jokes (and in his original appearance, frequently breaking the fourth wall). He does this in an attempt to hide the numerous emotional scars from his traumatic childhood underneath a facade of care-freeness. This behavior lead to him becoming partially desensitized to his own emotions.

Strafe seems to be technologically behind by about a decade as mentioned in Strafe: Warzones and Guilty (Fantendo Now). He is unaware of any operating system beyond Windows XP and in "Guilty", he doesn't understand the concept of taking pictures with a phone.



  • Strafe's favourite animals are lizards.
  • Strafe's team in 3.14 Sports Mix, the Mix Pistols, is a reference to the band the Sex Pistols.


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