Stories of Smash is a series of stories that invole Smash 4 characters and their adventures around the Fourth Smashverse.

Proloque to Stories of Smash: How We All Got Here

Hey, it's Mario here, and welcome to Stories of Smash! Before we start, let us start before the Fourth Smashverse.Back at the transition of Third to Fourth.

The whole Brawl roster had been fighting Crazy and Master, trying to wittle them down until they couldn't fight anymore, and it didn't look good, the hands were slapping them down like they were little bouncy balls. Meta Knight then got a few hits on Crazy, but was quickly slapped away into the background by Master. We finally got alot of hits on Crazy and he began to droop, swaying into the background, he stopped and spectated as Master kept attacking the team. Snake fired a rocket at Master Hand and hit him, angering Master Hand. Master Hand began to sweep his hand across Final Destination, knocking characters about. My brother Luigi got the final shot on Master Hand, I was proud, but I tried not to show it. The two hands began to circle eachother, getting faster and finally creating a portal. The newcomers were in panic, but the veterans knew what was happening. Final Destination was sucked into the portal, and I prepared for a bumpy ride. Final Destination shook and rumbled, I grasped onto it as it tried to throw me about. What came next had happened last time, but it didn't mean I didnt get sad. A dark beast grabbed Pokemon Trainer, Snake, Ice Climbers, Wolf, and Lucas. He dragged them into a different way in the portal, dissapearing. We all braced for impact as the edges of Final Destination rubbed against the sides of the portal, cracking the sides. As the sides peeled off we exited the portal, being thrown about.

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