Stonewood Squares



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Developer(s) LighSudio
Publisher(s) LighSudio
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Release Date(s)
Nintendo 3DS

25px-Flag of Japan April 2, 2015
25px-Flag of USA April 4, 2015
25px-Flag of Europe April 12, 2015
Brazil Flag April 15, 2015

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle
Series StonewoodSquares
Successor Stonewood Squares 2 (possible)
Media Included 3DS Game Card
Tourmaline Disc

Stonewood Squares (codenamed Project Stonewood) is a 3D strategy/puzzle/plataform game developed and published by Lightning Studios. It is developed for the 3DS, and the Tourmaline, the new Lightning console.


It was a normal day at the National Stonewood Television Network, and in September 18, 1979, was being shown a very famous gameshow, the Stonewood Squares, which two contestants play tic-tac-toe to win cash and prizes. But suddenly, during the live program, a earthquake began, and purple powder left out of the ground, and people smelled it, and began suddenly to turn into blocks, in a very frightening way, and also affected the host, George Maxwell, who also became a block. Now he needs to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to bring the town back to normal, and continue his gameshow.


The game is completely tridimensional, and the characters too. Stonewood is a great representation of Hollywood and Los Angeles in one town. But during the development, the game was supposed to be an RPG in 16-bits. The music is pratically good and very calm, sometimes you feel very very relaxed by some of the OST tracks. The scenario is very detailed, and so is the characters, it includes a lot of suprising details on the map.

(Now about the gameplay, finally!)

You need to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to go to the next stage. Every location has 7 stages, and 2 of them is to solve puzzles. The full gameplay has 32 hours.


Playable characters

Character Description Moves
George Maxwell

Host of the famous gameshow, Stonewood Stones, are the main protagonist. He has his microphone he was using on the show, after the disaster, his microphone was used as a weapon by him (see microphone's ability on the Weapons part).

3DS A Button: Jump
3DS B Button: Throw Microphone (press B again to pick it up back)
3DS X Button: Dodge
3DS Y Button: Dash

Joan Alaina

She's the secondary playable character, which are the host of the Nine O'Clock News for Stonewood. She is the helper of George to turn things back to normal again. She has a mirror as a weapon (see the mirror's abillity on the Weapons part).

3DS A Button: Jump
3DS B Button: Highlight Mirror
3DS X Button: Dodge
3DS Y Button: Dash

Unplayable characters (or NPCs)

Character Description

He's the only NPC you can find on this game, you can find him everywhere on the game, but principally on NSTV Headquarters and Minion Land. He sends you some prizes and cash. And he appears on the game end, where everything goes back to normal.


Character Description

He's the principal minion of Major Zonelli. He was the only that has turned into Zonelli's minion, during the experiment. His name is originally Dominic Oribik, before Zonelli renamed him. His a mini-boss from the game.

Major Mauro Zonelli

The major of Stonewood, Mauro Zonelli, is the main villain! How? He was doing a experiment to make everyone in the town turn into his minions! The experiment went wrong, and just a little amount of people has been affected by the experiment, including Dorbk (the guy on the top). He's the main boss of the game.


Weapon Description How to Unlock
George's Microphone

The main weapon of George Maxwell. He can throw the microphone on their enemies by pressing B, and press B again to pick it up back by pushing the microphone's cable. It is the weapon that cause more damage in the game.

Avaliable only for George
Joan's Mirror

The main weapon of Joan Alaina. When the sunlight hits the glass, it shoots a ray at your enemies. It is the second weapon that cause more damage in the game. She can shoot rays by its mirror by pressing B.

Avaliable only for Joan
Golden Sword

The Golden Sword (that looks like a popsicle, and other thing for the perverts) is the sword you can found by defeating Dorbk on the Minion Land. And it's the third and last weapon that cause more damage in the game. Both of the playable characters are avaliable to use this sword, and use it by pressing B.

Defeat Dorbk at Minion Land


Main map
Location of Stonewood
Location Description
NSTV Headquarters

The place where that disaster started. It's the main headquarters of National Stonewood Television.


This is where you can locate some NPCs and take some heal.

Hospital Land

It's a state that is full of hospitals. Weird, huh? No, because you can heal yourself on this location, and pick some prizes and achievements.

Minion Land (originally Donovenska)

This is the place where the experiment begin, and the secret place of Major Zonelli. Only a few people was hit and affected by the Zonelli's experiment. It was called originally called Donovenska before the experiment.



  • The name is based on the famous gameshow, Hollywood Squares.
  • This was originally created for the Crimson's first Weekly Challenge.
  • The creator of this game says this was the best game he ever made (probably).
  • The game is planning to have a Nintendo NX port, after the console be launched.
  • The game is planning to be a game series.