Stone is Kirby's Down Special Move is Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. It works similarly to SSBB. Kirby transforms into a hard, solid object, protecting him from damage. If used in the air Kirby will quickly fall down, damaging anybody he touches. However, he can still be grabbed. Kirby transforms into various solid objects, each one dealing different amount of damage. He can transform into a Thwomp from the Mario series, a spiked ball from the Kirby series, a Weight from the Kirby series, a Stone from the Kirby series, a Garbage Block from the Panel de Pon series, a Landmaster from the Star Fox series and VERY rarely, Kirby will transform into the moon from Majora's Mask, accompanied with Skull Kid's laugh, which delivers 30% damage and can easily KO.
Kirby stone

One of Kirby's various Stone transformations, the Stone.


NES - Kirby's Adventure (1993)

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