Stomp is the third main character in the Barker and Quack series, and the main character of his own series Stomp and Cheeper. He is Barker's Bulldog cousin.


Stomp's first appearence was in Barker's Adventure 2- 8 Worlds. He was unaware that Barker went on an amazing adventure in Cloudius, or that Quack was a Chibi Duck. When he and the others got sucked into the portal, he was reaaaalllly confused. When Barker told him everything, he was even more confused, but he went with Barker to defeat Runtus anyway. He also Appears in A.C.G Arena, but you have to use his DLC package. He is playable again in Baby Barker and Baby Quack. He will also be playable in the upcoming spin-off game Stomp and Cheeper.

Appearence and Personality

Stomp is a white bulldog, with brown ears, brown arms and hands, brown feet and legs, a brown spot on his eye and a Brown fuzz patch on his belly. He is very retarded, even more retarded then Quack. He is also very nice and gullible, but he gets serious when he should. Well, most of the time.... He is best friends with Quack's Chibi Chick cousin Cheeper, as they are the two main characters of their own spin-off game. He is also friends with his Retriever cousin Barker, Quack, Munk Googoo, Quackla, Cherry and Chef Puff.


Stomp was going to be in Barker's Adventure, but awesomecartoongames thought the game was already to progressed.