Stix Kingdom
Updated Boxart for the Nintendo Matrix Created by MidnightYoshi (tbc).
Developer(s) Revelation Heroes Entertainment
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Matrix
Release Date(s)
Story, Arcade, Multiplayer, Co-Op, Squadron
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer, Brawler
Media Included Game Disc

Stix Kingdom

Stix Kingdom is an announced game for the Nintendo Matrix. It features over 20 playable characters, 30+ levels, aswell as a main hub world. It is loosely based on the Newgrounds flash animation, Slush Invaders. It will also include a few characters from popular Stick Animations. Also, most os the character's attend the fictional location of Stickun University


Stix Kingdom is a two-dimensional brawler featuring many characters set in the fictional Stix Kingdom. It uses simplistic controls, but features a heavy storyline, as well as unique level design. A second player can jump in at any time via Wi-Fi for a tense Co-op Mission. The basic abilities are Attacks 1 & 2 (Usually Melee & Range, respectivly), jumping, super attacks & character swapping. Once a level is completed, it can then be played in a free mode, which allows you to switch to any character you have unlocked from a selection wheel.


Control Pad- Movement

A- Attack 1

B- Attack 2

Start- Pause

R (Hold)- Bring up character wheel

L- Switch Attack 2 (If possible.)

Matrix Button- Super attack

Y- Use special ability


(Coming Soon)

Image Name Description Powers/ Weapons
Ben Stix Draft Ben Stix Ben Stix, the main hero is a young student of Stickun University who recently came home from an amazing trip. Ben Stix has psyichal energy powers that allow his punches to pack incredible strength.
Chop Stix Draft Chop Stix Chop Stix is the distant half Japanese cousin of Ben Stix. With is mastery over inner peace, will he be up for the coming battle? Chop Stix relies on his Massive Kleaver & Kunai to finish off his enemies.
Ben Stickobi Draft Ben Stickobi Ben Stickobi is a wise father like figure who wields incredible force powers aswell as his lightsaber! Along with a Lightsaber, Ben Stickobi has many Force Powers, including force push & force choke.
Michelle Paele Draft Michelle Paele Michelle Paele is a long time friend of Ben Stix, who recently escaped from an evil multi-million dollar corporation hell bent on being able to combat any Stick in their way. She also attends Stickun University. Michelle can create & disipate portals at will, with a maximum of two at a time. She uses this power for lightning quick attacks.
Luke Paele Draft Luke Paele Luke Paele is the older brother of Michelle Paele. He also attends Stickun high, & is a good friend of Ben Stix. He is the classic football jocky type, but is also kind. Luke can create Shields at will, which he can use to batter enemies.
King Draft King "King" is the ruler of..... something. He has an obsession with precious gems, especially Ruby's. He rides a Panda & wields the great blade of Arkun. King is considered to be crazy. King uses the great blade of Arkun in combination with Chickens, which he throws, to battle his enemies. While riding his panda, he can also charge at enemies.
Led Stepplin Draft Led Stepplin Led is a rock & roll artist who is famous for his creative ideas. He is very rash & not very intelligent. Led fights with his guitar.
Commander Hawx Commander Hawx Commander Hawx is the leader of the Elite Military Team known as Faction Orcion. He has a distant relative, Tom Hawx. Commander Hawx uses a Machine Gun aswell as rocks, which he uses to distract his enemies.
Stickbro Draft Stickbro Stickbro is an all round sports superstar. Usually pretty laid back, Stickbro has an inability to keep still. Stickbro fight's by throwing Baseball's at his enemie's in combination with Short Bursts on his Snowboard to trip enemies.
Stickman Draft Stickman Stickman is a bit of a wannabe superhero. He wears a cape & trains daily, giving him immense strength & speed. He can also fly. Stickman mainly just hits his enemy's, but he can also fire a laser beam.
StickAssasin124 Draft StickAssasin124 StickAssasin124 is the biggest gamer at Stickun university. He owns every major console & handheld, & his real name is Steorge. While he dosen't actually fight with the other member's very much, he stays at the University & keeps in contact with the gang, giving them tech support & helping them stay on track. Once provoked, he will use a number of video game based attacks.
Lieutenant Frost Draft Lieutenant Frost Lieutenant Frost is a member of Faction Orcion. He takes the place of sniper. An Ex-Police Chief, Lieutenant brings his street skills to the battle, with a leave no man behind attitude. He also carries a bag of supplies with him. Lieutenant Frost uses rifle to pick off enemy targets, aswell as his baton for close range fighting.
Captain Paele Draft Captain Paele Captain Paele is the older brother of Luke & Michelle Paele. He is a member of Faction Orcion, acting as a ninja like spy. He uses his incredible stealth skills to help the team get through tricky situations. Besides his invisibilty, he also uses his powerful Katana to quickly down unsuspecting foes. And if worst comes to worst, he still has his Assault Rifle to quickly down tougher enemies.


The Story begins with Ben Stix returning to Stickun University. After reaquanting with all his friends, he takes a well deserved nap. However, in the middle of the night, Stickun University is attacked by Big Blue & his goons. Ben awakens to find the invaders, & quickly wakes up Michelle Paele, and they join up to battle Blue's.

More Coming Soon....