Stiv, with Mordir occupying his tail.
Full Name Stiv
Gender Male
Species Belian
Location Ticato Town
Nationality Ticatan

Stiv is the main protagonist of A Monster Like Me along with Mordir, who occupies his tail for the bulk of the game.


Stiv lives with his parents in the country of Ticato, which is a land that relies on its sun, which is a giant clock.


is a naïve Belian who always tries to see the best in those he meets. This leads to him being easily taken advantage of due to his trusting nature. He shows a childlike side with a love for adventure and a dislike for dark places, but he can be steadfast and courageous at times of need. Most times, he is loud, cheerful and playful on his own and around friends but around strangers he is very quiet and shy.


A Monster Like Me

Fantendo Uprising

Stiv appears in Fantendo Uprising as a playable character. He and Mordir specialize in combo attacks in battle, and they are met in Land of Scattered Light, a world based on A Monster Like Me, specifically the country of Ticato. The mass destruction and corruption of code by Shutdown has caused the suns in Stiv's world to shut down, cloaking the entire world in complete darkness. Kern, Stiv and Mordir must find a way to restore light to their worlds.