Stitches waving "Hello"!
Full Name Stitches
Current Age 11
Gender Male
Location Animal Town
Current Status Single (It is strongly hinted that Bluebear might have a crush on him)
Class Hero
Bluebear, Daisy, Rod
Family and Relations
Rod (Best Friend), Daisy (Good Friend), Bluebear (Friend/Possible Love Interest)
Main Weapon(s) Golden Shovel
Ability/ies Fighting
Vulnerable To Being Weaponless
First Appearance Animal Crossing: Wild World
Latest Appearance Animal Crossing: Camp of Frights

Stitches is a character that appears in the Animal Crossing series. He is set to appear in Animal Crossing Rumble Explosion. Stitches is a protagonist in Animal Crossing Saviors of the Wild World. And will be the main character of fututre games of the series.