Stir Fry's Underwater Volcano is the first boss level in Super Mario Pirate Adventure. It introduces the Tanooki Suit to the game, and the second Koopaling is saved.


Power Stars

Monstour's Appetite Collision

For this level, you can use any character. The level starts out with the Fearless 10 giving you a Tanooki Suit. You must use it to fly to different areas of the level. There are many Magikoopas, Dry Bones and Padoboos.

When the player reaches the Boss Lair, Stir Fry will appear, sending his hungry-for-a-hero Monstour out. To defeat Monstour, the player must use the Tanooki Suit (There are unlimited leaves on the planet) and swing at Monstour's belly. It takes 5 hits to defeat him, and each time, his attacks get harder to get him with. An alternative way to defeat the boss is by using Luigi's Super Jump on his belly. When you complete the level, Power Star #17 is yours, and you saved Morton Koopa Jr.!

Underwater Volcano Speed Run

For this level, you end up on the boss lair with Monstour. You are also wearing a Tanooki Suit. You must beat Monstour in 2:30 Minutes. Don't doddle, because even after you beat him, the clock is still ticking to get the Power Star #18. It also only takes 3 hits to defeat him this time.

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