​​Stinky Koopa is the eldest of the Koopalings. He has never been heard of, he was abandoned by Nintendo.


Stinky Koopa



Stinky was first seen by Bowser, and when Bowser glanced at him/her as a baby, he/she looked like a freak!!! 

Bowser later abandoned him/her in the forest (perhaps Soda Jungle)?. He/she was raised by creatures in the  forest. He/she has no confirmed gender, but most say he's male. He has all of the traits of the original group of seven koopaling's.

koopalings. Larry's eye's, Morton's mouth and butt-chin, Wendy's bow, Iggy's shell and body, Roy's sunglasses, Lemmy's ball (possibly also likes rolling around in ball's like his/her younger brother), and Ludwig's hair.

Mario Kart 8

The only reason he/she exists, is because of Mario Kart 8. Kosuke Yabuki decided that all seven of the


Mario Kart 8

of the koopaling's was way to much, so he created Stinky Koopa. He later noticed, some people might

be disapointed if his or her favorite koopaling was replaced by Stinky, so Mr. Yabuki rejected the idea

and Stinky wasn't ever heard from again. 


His/her personality is not confirmed. But he/she could possibly be miserable (because he/she was not raised by his/her father and most likely remembers the moment his/her father left him/her behind. Mr. Yabuki has confirmed him oldest though.


He/she can probably breath fire (since every other koopaling can). He/she was actually confirmed to use a tennis racket like his/her younger brother Larry. He/she can flutter like Ludwig to. 


  • He's/she's not really a koopaling anymore.
  • He's/she's actually kind of like Boom Boom. He/she might be an abandoned koopaling to.
  • When he/she was going to be playable in Mario Kart 8, his/her ball was going to be an item. It was removed. Very little is known about how it is used.

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