#Unknown Stinjel
Category Jellyfish Pokémon
National Dex Nr. #Unknown
Regional Dex Nr. #005
Generation 7
Pokémon Color Pink
First Appearance Pokémon Shimmer and Music
Latest Appearance ditto to above
Type(s) Water
Ability/ies Torrent
(Hidden: Static)
Average Height 2'
Average Weight 4 lbs
Evolves From Frillace
Evolves Into Ginormon
 Stinjel is the first evolution from Frillace, the Water type starter from Pokémon Shimmer and Music.



Evolves from Frillace(lv. 21) Evolves into Ginormon (lv. 39)

Pokédex Entries

Shimmer Stinjel has paralyzing threads on its tentacles that paralyze all who touch it. It lives mainly on Magikarp, but it enjoys the occasional Finneon.
Music Stinging hairs on its tentacles paralyze anyone that is foolish enough to go near a wild Stinjel. 

Game Locations

Shimmer Music Impossible (0%) Level up Frillace to level 21.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
EnglishStinjelFrom 'Sting' and 'Gel' (Jellyfish)
SpanishStinjelSame as English.
FrenchMouduseFrom 'Mou' (Soft) and 'meduse' (jellyfish).
DutchKwalvisFrom 'kwal' (jellyfish) and 'vis' (fish) Sounds like walvis(whale)
GermanQuallestachelFrom 'Qualle' (jellyfish), and 'Stachel' (sting)
ItalianMedusapesceFrom 'Medusa' (jellyfish) and 'Pesce' (Fish) (Sounds like sapesce, italian name for Frillace)


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