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Stiliose, the sarcastic "writer".
Full Name Stiliose
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Location Stilioseland,
Current Status Alive
Class Writer
Ability/ies Writing
Vulnerable To Switching tenses.
Latest Appearance Mudkeep in Stilioseland

Stiliose is teh writer, producer, director, executive producer, editor and character in Mudkeep in Stilioseland. He is the Parodyverse version of Stelios7 (tbc) and ruler of Stilioseland.

Personality and Writing Style

Stiliose uses sarcasm and negativity, but has been shown to care for the readers own good as in Page 17. He tries to reference in many Pokémon. When Mudkeep takes the spotlight or there is dialogue, Stliliose will brag his presence or remind Mudkeep that's he's just a useless toy. He always taunts Mudkeep and occasionally is mean to him by changing the tense to slating him as shown in Command. He's also a motherfecker who has smexy tiems with Mudkeep.

When talking to Mudkeep through his conscience, his words will be singled out by italics. Lul.


He has appeared in every episode as a self-proclaimed writer, but has made appearances when he changes the tense or makes a joke. He was shown in Page 7, after the line "You are on drugs? Surely not... well... you were conceived by this guy." Where a picture of Stiliose seemingly lying on a grave was shown. Mudkeep was shown to hate Stiliose and wanting to kill his childhood in Page 13.

Throughout the Pepper Kingdom, Marshtamp sends Stiliose by calling the police to escort Mudkeep from A to B, watching over. But to save his secret pal from getting arrested, Stiliose somehow transforms into paper form. And appears as Mudkeep's guardian angel. He cannot be seen by anyone else but Mudkeep. This is proved by Aimee wailing that "MUDKEEP IS TALKING TO HIMSELF AGAIN." on Page 140.

Mudkeep tends to ignore or dislike the shady figure of whom he currently doesn't know is Stiliose in his undercover patrol car. It is unknown if Stiliose is actually in the police force or just went into the Pepper Kingdom to save him being arrested with any encounter with the law overall.

Non-canon appearances

He is also the final boss in Stelios Scramble, roaming as massive size even defeating the villains already defeated so they resort to join your party. Referencing Polygon Man and Master Hand Then, a scaled down guise of Stiliose is unlocked as the final character after beating the story mode.

In Fantendo Fight Fest! Stiliose is a playable dude alongside Mudkeep.


Stiliose has a dark brown afro and olive skin. In his first appearance he wears a leather jacket with white shirt and trainers and slightly torn dark blue jeans.



Stiliose plays God over Mudkeep and tries to make his life misery, but he respects his desicions and gradually likes him more as shown in Page 22, but is often just plain banter and mockery.