Stick is my first game and I wanted to do something simple for the idea. I wanted to do Stickman so why not take Stickman and what a normal Stickman game has and put explosions and weapons in?


A Stickman named Guy was kidnapped and trapped in a factory testing Stickman's powers. There are guards and weapons guarding just in case someone ever tried breaking out.

Guy had refused to be put through this. He escapes into the other part of the factory to take on the world.

The game has 9 levels, starting with the Factory.

In the Factory stage, you find the Dual Pistols and a sword. With these you have to fight through 3 floors each ending with the stairs to the next one, and those stairs having some foes trying to stop you.

At the end, you encounter Factory Admin, who controls a robot firing missiles and having turrets installed in it. At the end, you grab a crowbar and throw it into the glass which knocks down the Factory Admin and the machine falls down broken.

Once Guy escapes, he gets to the town, and is on a ledge above the train. He is kicked off by one of the Factory Workers onto the train, as the people from the Factory jump onto it and go to finish the job.

The train is more highspeed and you have to dodge or lose some HP and fall backwards. At the end of the train, you encounter another one of the Factory Admins who fights you with no weapons, as he can only be defeated when he is thrown off the train.

The train arrives into the Town, which is attacked by the Factory Workers and Admins. And they have tanks and flying machines this time.

In Level 3, the Town you have to jump across machines and fight robots to defeat the Stickman, along with fighting Stickman ontop of robots. At the end, you battle a tank and once it's destroyed, a beam of gravity from a Airship picks up the Tank. Guy jumps onto it and goes to the Airship to get revenge.

In Level 4, the Airship you encounter several minibosses, one for each room to bust into the next room.

In the control room, you have to fight hand to hand with a Factory Admin, and you finish it with throwing him into the glass as he falls off it. Suddenly, 5 Factory Admins armed with weapons come into the Control Room and take Guy back to the factory.

In Level 5, another area of the Factory you go through a chemical plant like area, ending with a sword fight above a tank of acid. You finish the fight by cutting the Swordsman Factory Admin in half dropping him into the acid.

In Level 6, you escape to the main area of the Factory. You must battle several foes and minibosses including robots, machine gun armed foes, and small tanks.

At the end, Guy escapes into the head office of the factory ready to end this, only to find out it's a trap. A huge explosion occurs dropping Guy into a part of the town as he notices UFOs sent from the Factory as he knows they mean business now.

In Level 7, you go into 3 of the UFOs to take them down from the inside while still going around the town fighting foes. Each UFO has a Factory Admin at the end that you battle to defeat.

In Level 8, the town is being destroyed and you battle several strong foes and robots trying to kidnapp fellow Stickman to take them to the Factory. You have to use RPGs and Machine Guns in this, being the most powerful weapons in the game.

At the end, you escape to the top of a Skyscraper, except it's partly destroyed.

At the top you enter Level 9, the final battle. The Factory Boss battles you in a sword fight followed by a hand to hand fight. At the end, Guy grabs the Boss and starts choking him. The Boss begs for mercy and Guy says he will consider it..But then he says he isn't a moron and throws the boss off the Skyscraper finishing him off.

With the town in ruins, Guy leaves the town onto his next adventure.


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