Attack on the homewold light is a direct sequel from the attack on the light game, it has the same features how ever the addition of alternate costumes and the boss rush and time attack mode addition.


After the gems sucefully beat the light, peridot is showed diving to the sea, the gems after seeing this as a menace to earth they start a brand new adventure!

Chapter 1

Using pearl's "peridot tracker" using her pod (as seen in friend ship) to locate her, steven uses his bubble shield, alng whit the gems, but this time steven can't help the gems because nothing can get outside the bubble also the gems can only attack whit projectile attacks, they have a sidescrolling sections encountering various enemies and attacking them.

After 10 hordes of enemies they encounter peridot whit malachite but the fusion is still being hold on by lapis will, steven suggests to destroy malachite and have lapis to join them, but garnet says that lapis may have some grudge against the trio, so they decide to take down peridot and leave malachite alone.

Boss Battle!: Peridot

Peridot has basic attacks but she will often harm steven bubble as she keeps attacking steven a meter that represents the bubble keeps depleting, if the meter reachs to zero (it's very unlikely but whatever) steven's bubble pops and you have to restart the battle again.

Chapter 2

After sucefully defeating peridot, peridot shoots a giant plasma ball and steven pops his buttle and manages to reflect the projectile whit his shield and regenerate in his bubble again (because he can summon this two at will) but he destroys malachite electrocuting her, the two gems float towards the surface to the sea they quickly bubble lapis but jasper is nowhere to be found it turns out that peridot bubbled her and retreated to homeworld. Stevens grab his cheeseburger backpack and starts a journey to collect parts of an old acient ship and start a new journey to homeworld.

The first piece is located in the sky spire you have to make it to the top and defeat lil' birds and until you reach the top and you see big bird swallowing the piece the gems once again the gems have to defeat this monster.

Boss Battle!: Big Bird

Big bird along two smaller birds, they attack by pecking and creating gusts of wind tne in order to defeat the big bird you have to defeat the two smaller birds after the battle is over you will achieve the first of the three spaceship parts

After Defeating the monster it spits the part of the ship,after that you have to go to beach city revealing that ronaldo has claimed the piece while searching for the lizard man (invented term by him) saying that is part of a "interdimensional worm hole creator" after that, the gems want the ship part but ronaldo doesn't want to give it to them so he states that he can give it to the gems if you can find something "magical" to trade , you can go to various places to find a object (you can grab multiple objects you can give Ronaldo just one item and the mission will be completed) this places includes

  • Dead Man's Mouth: Magic Moss flowers
  • Comunication Hub: Hub pillar Shard
  • Beach City Funland: Melon Steven Head
  • Abandoned Warehouse: Amethyst Cloak
  • Beach Citywalk Fries: Frybo's Fry Bits Hat
  • Gem Battlefield: Giant Strawberry
  • Red Temple: Magma Rock

The Gem Battlefield and the Red Temple are full of enemies but the reward is very great! 

This also unlocks the "Cookie Cat Invaders" whichis a side scorlling space shooter  playable in Steven's "GameSquare" (Reference to the gamecube).

Finally the last piece of the ship is in the kirdengarten however Peridot succeeds to reactivate the kindergarten and  Injectors are fully working you have to defeat the 10 injectors and two new borned and small gems will appear named Jade and Spinel, the gems are completly silent and they won't speak Jade is wealding iron boots giving devastating kicks meanwhile Spinel is wealding a little sword but she is very fast, howecer they  will join you if you have a certain object, Jade will join you if you gave her a Magma Rock Thanking you and saying "it was darn cold here", Jade will join you if you gave her the giant strawberry she will thank you by saying "The rocks are super gross to eat" and eat happily after defeating/recruiting them they will gave you the last parts

Boss Battle!: Jade and Spinel

Spinel will have his little sword but she's very fast (actually the fastest gem in the WHOLE game) making her attacks almost undogeable, she has a long but weak combo making a very tactical warrior, meanwhile Jade can attack whit strong kick attacks. Pretty easy right?... right? well think again they have A LOT of life making for a ton of attacks before finally defeating them.

Sidequest: Marine Appeal

There are a total of 45 different seashells across beach city, you can bubble them they wiil appear next to lapis in the crystal heart after that steven will unbbuble lapis whitout the gem's knowledge lapis will thank steven and will join them, (if steven doesn't bubble the seashells and unbbuble lapis the gems will attack her)

Boss Battle!: Lapis (optional)

Steven will refuse to attack lapis so he won't be present to heal the gems, making this battle quite a challenge she can use water base attacks, after the battle garnet punches lapis gem erasing her from existent forever.


Steven: unlike the last games steven always carries his trusty shield and his loyal cheeseburger bagpack along whit

  • Watermelon Steven: He carries 2 watermelons to produce his loyal servants..... but they can attack the gems so be careful!
  • Bubble:Steven summons his bubble shield but this has a disanvantage, he can't help his allies, he can only heal himself, however this only last 5 turns
  • Laser light cannon:How steven manage to carry a cannon his size, whit pearl's help of course. She maked a portable gem shard to administrate the cannons but they are so powerful, they can only be used in boss battles.

Pearl: welding a spear and  a sword  she dances gracefully into the battle and also has the capabilities of

  • Holo pearls: she can summon clones for herself and but theyre kinda weak it also consumes pearl's power making her weaker as time progress


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