Steven Universe - Bismuth's Realm
Developer(s) Dreams Inc.
Publisher(s) Cartoon Network
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
September 23, 2016 (America)

October 02, 2016 (Europe)

October 16, 2016 (Japan)

Age Rating(s)
E+10 (America)

Pegi+7 (Europe)

Cero A (Japan)

Genre(s) RPG
Series Steven Universe
 Steven Universe - Bismuth's Realm is a game based on the series Steven Universe made by Rebecca Sugar. The game was made by Dreams Inc. for the 3DS in 2016 after the success of the series.


Prologue - Special Mission

It was a normal night for Steven at the Temple until being abruptly woken up by the Crystal Gem, Pearl who tells him to go with them on a "special mission", Steven notices that this is very out of character for Pearl and asks her about why she's so excited for him to go, to which Pearl responds by telling him about a legend in Homeworld about a realm known as "Bismuth's Realm".

Bismuth's Realm is a strange and bizarre world ruled over by a mystical Gem that only one or two people ever manage to meet. For ages no one had known how to access this realm except two people: Steven's mom, Rose Quartz and a Gem known as "Yellow Diamond", but Pearl claims that she and the other Crystal Gems (Garnet and Amethyst) finally found how to access it via some recently discovered notes from Rose's journal.

Steven, excited to learn about a brand new realm and know more about his mother, accepts to go but first packs up a few items in his "Cheeseburger Backpack", which he claims are actually useful and that he has learned his lesson since the events at the Lunar Sea Spire. The Gems are ready to go but Steven wants to bring Lion as well, and after some discussing Garnet lets him bring Lion.

The Gems, Steven and Lion all go on the Warp Pad and are ascended up by a blue beam as usual, but while Pearl talks with Steven about Bismuth's Realm, the beam starts shaking and the Gems manage to see other beams dissipating right before a dark shadow passes through the beam, and after that everything fades to black...

Episode 1 - Bismuth's Realm...

Steven wakes up in a grassy area in where he assumes is Bismuth's Realm, but finds that the Gems are nowhere to be seen, so he decides to walk for a bit and look for them. While walking through the grassy area he has his first encounter with a group of monsters, some of which look strangely similar to some of the monsters he and the Gem had already defeated before...

Steven keeps walking until finding a village with mostly humanoid creatures which he recognizes as Gems, he decides to stay in the village for a bit to rest look for the Gems the next day, only to be woken up in the middle of the night by a mysterious thief who he chases out of town.

Steven keeps chasing the mysterious thief who uses an airhorn to wake up some monsters which attack Steven. Steven fights the monsters and escapes but has to let the thief go, so when he wakes up the next morning he sets out to find him again only to be stopped by one of the Gems in the village and the main protector of said village, "Tanzanite". Steven manages to distract her and sneaks out of the village to chase after the thief once more, finally finding her campsite where he lays a special trap given to him by the Crystal Gems for when she arrives.

Steven waits for the thief to come back but Tanzanite arrives first and falls in the trap instead, making Steven have to fight the thief alone until finally knocking her out, giving Steven time to disactivate the trap (the first puzzle section in the game) and free Tanzanite who helps her out in defeating the bandit, who reveals herself as Amethyst. Steven and Amethyst reunite and both are scolded by Tanzanite, though Steven apologizes and leaves with Amethyst only to find out that Tanzanite is going to have to put her in prison for her crimes.

Tanzanite takes Amethyst to prison and Steven tries to convince her to let her out but Tanzanite refuses as she has stolen something from her that was important. Steven ends up talking to her and asks her about what she stole and reveals it was a pendant, which she secretly still has. 

Steven makes a special plan and breaks Amethyst out of prison after getting some dynamite from the "Explosives Dude" after helping him with some work and leading Tanzanite away. Tanzanite eventually finds out and fights the duo who team up, defeat Tanzanite and run away.

Tanzanite becomes angered until finding a special gift box at her feet with a note that reads "Sorry!", Tanzanite opens the box and finds out that her pendant is inside, not only that but she also hears the citiens talking about how their stolen things had returned so she lets Amethyst and Steven escape.

Episode 2 - Big Scary Cave of Scariness!

Steven and Amethyst rest at a campfire and Steven asks Amethyst about why she robbed, to which Amethyst responds by saying that all the things she robbed were to help her survive the night alone, and that she was planning to sell the pendant for money to buy food. Steven scolds Amethyst until noticing how late it is and decide to go to sleep in their respective tents.

In the morning, Steven wakes up and doesn't find Amethyst in her tent, instead finding a note that reads "Gone Fishin'". Steven decides to wait for her to come back but doesn't find her anywhere and starts to get worried, so she goes to the nearby lake where she finds traces of a fight, which just worries Steven even more until finding a trail which he decides to follow. 

Steven keeps folllowing the trail deeper into the forest until hearing some noise, making him duck and take cover, when he peeks out of his hiding spot he notices Amethyst being dragged by an invisible force, which confuses Steven. Steven keeps following Amethyst and finds her tied up to a tree's trunk. Steven goes to help her but is attacked by the myserious force from before, which turns out to be the invisible beast from the Mask Island.

Steven runs away but eventually comes back, scares the beast away with fire and frees Amethyst who attacks the beast and makes it fall on some mud before running away. Steven and Amethyst reunite once again and find out that the next town is past the forest, so they start walking there until the earth starts shaking and the trees start falling down, blocking the exit and forcing Steven and Amethyst to go inside the cave.

Steven and Amethyst go inside the cave and are almost instantly attacked by monsters which make noise after being defeated and wake up the defeated Invisible Monster who wants revenge. Steven and Amethyst manage to sneak past the Invisible Monster and use some stalactities to corner him and fight him for good and defeat him, which they do but once they bubble the gem, they can't send him away, so they decide to save it and celebrate their victory until a stalactite falls and creates a vibration that makes the cave shake, making rocks fall on Steven until Amethyst pushes him out of the way and her gem ends up cracked.

Steven tries to take her to the village to see if the other Gems can help but the entrance is covered by rocks, making Steven have to go through a tunnel all on his own to go outside and find help, who free Amethyst and take her to the first Rose Lake in the game, which are filled with Rose's healing tears. Steven is confused as to why the lakes are filled with his mom's healing tears but he forgets about it quickly when Amethyst is healed and the two reunite before realizing how late it is and going to rest.

Episode 3 - Cheaters be Cheatin'

Steven and Amethyst wake up and find posters everywhere advertising a fighting tournament, Amethyst is excited only to learn it'll be a blade-only tournament but Steven still wants to go to see if Pearl is in there so they try to go only to be stopped for not purchasing tickets. Steven gives up but Amethyst has an idea and the two dress up as workers and sneak in.

Meanwhile, Pearl is participating in the tournament and resting behind backstage thinking about if she's gonna find the others until being interrupted by a Gem known as "Citrine" geared up in Japanese armor who asks her if she can move aside so she can have a spot to meditate.

Steven and Amethyst get in closer only to be stopped by Tanzanite again who tells them that they must oversee the match and see if they can spot any cheaters, as they have been a big amount of cheaters in the past and Tanzanite wants to avoid something like that happening again. Steven is excited but Amethyst just wants to find Pearl so she goes to look for her while Steven stays with Tanzanite.

Pearl gears up with the outfit required for the battle and gets out her spear before meeting with Citrine again, who wishes her luck and complains about the strange rules right when Pearl remembers she didn't read the rules, so Citrine gives her a brief summary: Fighters are given masks and the goal is to knock the mask off the other fighter to win.

The first match starts and Steven and Tanzanite move closer to see the match closely, in the process Steven asks Tanzanite why she's so serious about her job and she reveals that her family used to come from a line of famous guards and she wants to be as famous as them to keep the tradition. While Tanzanite explains the story the first match ends quickly with Citrine being the winner.

Amethyst is still looking for Pearl in the backstage area but finds that she's in the training area, which is out of bounds for guards, making her have to sneak around to get inside. Pearl notices her and Amethyst reveals her identity as the two reunite until Pearl has to go out and fight.

Pearl fights a Gem called "Tourmaline" while Steven and Tanzanite watch over the match until they notice some cheaters up in the stage lighting trying to saboutage Pearl's performance, so they go up and knock them out, making them fall and revealing that Tourmaline was one of the cheaters. Tanzanite tries to handcuff her until she goes on a rampage and starts attacking the public, forcing Steven and Amethyst to reveal their true identity and team up with Pearl to take her down.

After knocking out Tourmaline she starts glowing dark and starts shaking until a big light engulfs the area and Tourmaline turns into what looks like the pufferfish Gem monsters the Gems once fought, "Watermelon Tourmaline". Steven connects the monster and the Gem together and starts to be confused, as Tourmaline originally turned into a monster ages ago and the Gems had already defeated her monster form. Tourmaline fires a powerful gusts of wind that throws Pearl away and knocks her out until Citrine rescues her and Steven teams up with Tanzanite to defeat the monster. 

After defeating the monster Steven tries to bubble the monster's gem away but can't seem to send it away, just like the Invisible Monster, so he also saves it for later and goes to check on Pearl, who seems to be alright after being rescued by Citrine, who says she wants to eventually meet with Pearl again and duel without any interruptions before leaving. After checking on Pearl Steven goes to apologize to Tanzanite who accepts his apology since he helped her spot one of the cheaters.

Episode 4 - Love and Fusion Beats All!

Steven, Amethyst and Pearl set out of the village to look for Garnet and find a group of Gems blocking the exit, Steven asks Tanzanite what's going on and she responds that they're giving some Gems a tour through "Mt. Onyx".

Steven, Amethyst and Pearl can't seem to pass and the tour will take a while before starting, so they decide to go around, only to find incredibly powerful monsters, so they sneak around the monsters until Steven hears a voice and they follow said voice until finding the source of it, Sapphire. Steven asks Sapphire what happened to Ruby and she says she doesn't know, but she feels that she's close, so they turn around and go back to look for Ruby only to be stopped by some guards who think the group is part of the tour and push them into the group.

They try to split up from the group after distracting the guards and end up tripping and falling down, pushing Tanzanite with them and landing in a small cliff, at which point Tanzanite reveals that the guards were so strict because it's extremely easy to get lost in the dangerous mountains.

Amethyst tries to use her whip to swing the group over a gap but the whip gets stuck when a rock falls on-top of it, so Steven jumps through some small rocks near the side and remove the rock, letting the rest of the group get through the gap, after that Tanzanite suggests climbing up.

Once they're up Steven suggests making a signal of sorts and Tanzanite tries to use her flamethrower as a flare gun before being interrupted by Sapphire, who tells her that if the guards find them, they won't be able to look for Ruby and after discussing with Steven, Tanzanite agrees to help them look for Ruby. The group starts looking but doesn't seem to find her and is almost spotted by the guards until they sneak around them, where Sapphire finally regains her strenght and is able to use Future Vision to locate Ruby, who's lost in a cave.

The group searches for Ruby inside the caverns and after looking everywhere they find her and Ruby and Sapphire reunite before fusing into Garnet again who leads the group out of the cave before being found out and scolded by the guards who lead the group back to the tour where they go inside a lift only for it to get stuck so the monsters can enter in through a hole, the Gems deduce that the lift must've been saboutaged by one of the Gems in the tour, so Steven looks around and interrogates some of them until a giant monster enters and the Crystal Gems fight it while Steven spots the sabouteur until finding out it was a Gem named "Trapiche", who the Gems fight until they manage to knock her out and fix the lift.

While getting everybody outside of the lift and carrying Trapiche to jail, a big flash of dark light passes through the area and briefly stuns everyone, loeaving them confused until it's revealed that the flash was emitted from Trapiche who starts shaking similarly to Tourmaline until turning into a monster that resembles the Mother Centipeetle, which the Gems fight and Steven bubbles up. Steven wonders why he can't send the bubbles away until being surprised by one more monster that makes him accidentally pop the bubble and release Trapiche's monster form once more, who attacks the monster with a powerful attack before going back into her gem and being bubbled up by Steven, which gives him the idea of using corrupted gems to temporarily help them out before being bubbled again.

Episode 5 - Party in the Haunted Mansion!

Steven and the Crystal Gems rest throughout the night and move on to the next city, where they see a group of criminals trying to rob a store, the criminals are stopped by the Crystal Gems and the city thanks them, along with an elderly Gem who invites them to a fancy party in a mansion not too far from the city. The Crystal Gems say no but Steven convinces them and they all go anyways.



The gameplay of this game is inspired by many classic games while adding brand new twists of its own, even though the main bulk of the gameplay takes place in RPG-style.


During the overworld, you can walk around and explore new areas in a semi-top-down view like in early Final Fantasy games.

In the overworld you can explore and find treasures and items, though you also may find obstacles in your way, some of which require special characters to pass through. Unlike many other RPGs, these game doesn't feature random enemy encounters, as you can see the groups of enemies walking around in the overworld.

In the overworld you may also find towns, shops and more in which you can buy upgrades and items, as well as find villagers who might give you sidequests in exchange for experience, money and sometimes even items.

Battle System

Once you encounter an enemy, the game goes in an isometrical point of view and you are given an "Arena" where you can fight a set of enemies in a hexagon grid.

Depending on where you encounter these enemies, the landscape might change, meaning that if you fight an enemy near a mountain, you might find a hill in the grid which you might have to climb to fight an enemy.

The battle system itself is simple, you have a set of normal attacks which can be activated by pressing the A, B, X and Y buttons, you may also combine these attacks to create special combos. You also have special attacks which can be used to take out various enemies or inflict special effects on them, but these require "Gem Power", the stronger the attack, the more Gem Power it requires. Gem Power can be monitored via a Gem Bar which fills up automatically when your in battle, but at a slow pace so sometimes you might need to use items to speed up the process.

Attacks have different ranges, sometimes to hit a specific enemy you might have to move closer into the grid to hit him, though this mostly applies to special attacks since normal attacks are mostly (but not always) meelee based and are mostly used to hit enemies in spaces close to you, though you may upgrade these attacks as you go along.

In these battles the grid can be extended depending on the amount of enemies or the landscape, not only that but you can also bring other characters into battle, with the maximum amount of party members on the grid being 4.

If a Gem is taken out in-battle they will go back into their Gem where you must either wait a set amount of time for them to revive, use special items or take them to "Rose Lakes" which are found throughout the game and can be used to heal Gems since they are filled with Rose's tears for some strange reason...

If Steven is taken out, he'll instead be rescued by any character who has not been taken out yet before he can receive any further damage, so Steven only ends up knocked out. However, the process is still the same and you'll have to wait for him to wake up, use special items (which are different from the items used to revive Gems) or take him to Rose Lakes to wake him up faster.

There's a mechanic in-battle known as "Combo Frenzy", in which you can charge up a powerful attack in which you can deliver a barrage of combos to an enemy by tapping the buttons, to perform this you must stay a certain amount of turns without performing any type of offensive attack or inflicting negative effects on enemies. However, you must be careful, as more powerful enemies are able to perform a move known as "Combo Crash" in which they can deliver a strike to snap you out of Combo Frenzy whenever you're not attacking, meaning you must be fast with your strikes, but don't worry as you can also "Crash the Crash" which can counter the Combo Crash and strike back.

In these battles, you may also fuse two Gems together to make them more powerful, but only for a certain amount of turns. In order to make a fusion both Gems have to be in each other's range and have no negative status effects inflicted by enemies.

Another important factor in the battles is the "Buddy System", whenever you're next to a character in a battle or whenever you choose the "Talk" option in the overworld, you can talk with them and eventually form bonds, this process can be sped up with gifts and completing special "Buddy Quests", sidequests which can raise the Buddy Link between the two characters. 

If a character has a high enough Buddy Link with another character, they might be able to help them out mid-turn via status effects, second attacks and even special team attacks if they're close enough. If two "Fusion Compatible" characters have a high enough Buddy Link, the duration of the fusion will be increased.

One more important mechanic in-battle are "Corrupted Gems", whenever you defeat a Boss/Mid-Boss that packs a gem inside, Steven will bubble it and save it since he can't send them away, these bubbles can't be brought out in battle and temporarily release the corrupted Gem to make him fire a special attack, but you shouldn't use it too many times in a row or else the corrupted gem will go out of control and will damage your team as well.

Platforming Sections

While the main bulk of the gameplay involves RPG, it has some other segments that resemble other genres, this one representing the platforming genre.

Sometimes throughout the game, the Gems might have to send Steven alone due to various reasons. In these sections, you must accomplish an objective which is usually finding a set amount of objects or finding a specific item. In these sections, Steven can't kill any enemy, but he can use his Bubble to block and deflect incoming attacks which can stun enemies.

Puzzle Sections

Sometimes one of the characters might have to solve a special block-related puzzle to proceed. These puzzles are fairly simple and are based on Tetris Attack's gameplay, meaning that you must stack on 3 blocks of the same type while more blocks fall from the sky. In order to win one must reach the score presented on-screen before the blocks reach the top or, in some occasions, before time runs out.

However, some of these puzzles add their own twists, such as screens of blocks stacked together which you must tangle so that no blocks of the same type touch each other. Not only that but the game also includes two puzzle boss fights in which you must reach a set score before the other while collecting powers to slow the other down.

Stealth Sections

In these sections, the characters might find themselves in a specific area where the enemies are far too strong for them. In these areas the player must walk around just like in a normal overworld but avoid being in the enemy's line of sight by hinding behind objects.

In these sections you also get a special map of the area that shows the location of the enemies and their range of sight.

Detective Gameplay

In these sections, Steven will have to look for someone or something specific in a certain scene, to do this you must use the 3DS Gyroscope to look around an area and find special details by zooming in and out and at the end of a timer you're given a choice which you must answer correctly using the hints and clues you found in the cutscene, which you can save by snapping a "mental image" (L or R) and looking at them once more before choosing.


Surprisingly enough, Steven Universe - Bismuth's Realm has actual multiplayer even though it's an RPG.

There are various types of gamemodes one can play, such as: Arena Mode in which two players pick their characters and fight through hordes of enemies, Puzzle Battle in which two players set a time limimt and race to see who gets the highest score when the time runs out and even a Vs Mode where players test out their skills against other players.


Party Members/Playable

See Attacks here: Steven Universe - Bismuth's Realm/Attacks

Image Name Description
StevenUniverseNew Steven Universe The main protagonist of the game! Steven is a cheerful young boy who's always happy to go on adventures with the Crystal Gems. Steven also posseses many of his mother's abilities, though he still has to master them.
Steven character pearl 174x252 Pearl Pearl is a well-mannered and intelligent Crystal Gem who's known to be very strategic. Pearl's fighting style is very graceful and resembles dancing in a way as she uses her spear to take out enemies.
250px-Steven amethyst 174x252 Amethyst Amethyst is...the complete opposite of Pearl. She's known to very carefree and fun-loving but her manners aren't exactly the best, but manners don't matter when you're fighting monsters with a giant whip!
NewGarnetRev Garnet Garnet is a calm and controlled Gem and known as "the boss" of the team by the others. Garnet is the most stable Gem in the group, though she rarely speaks, preferring to let her actions speak for her as she takes out hordes of enemies with her powerful gauntlets.
LionWIPFin Lion Lion is a quiet and enigmatic creature who seems to have a mysterious relationship with Rose. Lion follows Steven around and can help him and the other Gems out with his powers such as supersonic roars and teleportation!
Peridot Done Peridot Peridot is a cold and ruthless Gem who only teams up with the Crystal Gems because she has no other choice. Peridot is highly intelligent just like Pearl, but also acts childish when things don't go her way. Peridot is sometimes annoyed by the fact that the Crystal Gems have actual weapons unlike her, who instead relies on her Robonoids and other gadgets to attack.
Tanzanite Tanzanite is a proud and brave guard Gem coming from a line of famous guards in Bismuth's Realm. Tanzanite takes a lot of pride in her job and seems serious on the outside but is actually pretty jokey and fun on the inside, she just doesn't like showing that side to the public in fear that it might ruin her reputation. Tanzanite can fight crime and monsters to protect the innocent with her trusty flamethrower!
Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli is a....kind of emotionally unstable Gem that was trapped in a mirror for a loooong time. Lapis is usually kind to her friends but pretty unstable emotion-wise. Lapis doesn't have a weapon of her own but she can use her water powers to her advantage.


Image Name Description
250px-Steven amethyst 174x252 Mysterious Thief (Amethyst) Amethyst needed to survive out there in the I guess she had to rob? Her logic isn't too good, but even in disguise she's a powerful opponent! She can use a whip to attack and stun opponents and even use airhorns to call in monsters to the field.
Invisible Monster PNG Invisible Gem Monster

This monster, like his name says, is invisible, but you can still make him temporarily visible by making him step (or knocking him into) mud ponds. This monster can attack by charging at you, biting and even punching you.

Tumblr nl64jo1vkr1r9zx2to1 1280 (1) Watermelon Tourmaline (Phase 1) Tourmaline was the cheater in the blade tournament? Wow! But even as a cheater, she still packs a punch, being able to use her blade to attack opponents as well as manipulating gusts of wind to push opponents back and even firing bombs that can freeze opponents in place!
Puffer Fish PNG Watermelon Tourmaline (Phase 2) Tourmaline, what happened to you!? Tourmaline's now a giant flying pufferfish monster, meaning that you must get to higher ground in order to damage her, but watch out for when she puts up her spike shield! Tourmaline's attacks include firing gusts of wind, spitting ice bombs as well as firing shards of ice and even creating small tornados.
Trapiche Trapiche Emerald (Phase 1) Trapiche is a criminal who likes to trick people and saboutage tours in order to feed other Gems to the monsters! Trapiche can get out her sledgehammer from her Gem which is.....inside her throat!?!? Yup, and she can also use it to shoot acid, which makes it look as if she has acid spit. Her sledgehammer can be really dangerous so it's recommended to stay away, but then again she also can spit acid to cover platforms temporarily.
Centipeetle Mother Big PNG Trapiche Emerald (Phase 2) Trapiche has transformed into centipeede thing who can attack by using its tail, biting, summoning smaller Centipeetles and using her acid spit.


This game is Amiibo-compatible and has its own line of Amiibo with different effects depending on the character. If the Amiibo is of a playable character, you can use it to unlock special dungeons where fights go on in a classic turn-based style of early RPG games. If the Amiibo is of a non-playable character, it can be used in-battle as a special attack to help you out.

Dungeon Amiibo

Image Name Description
Garnet Garnet Garnet unlocks a special volcano-themed dungeon with tough enemies who prefer to fight up close rather than stay away.
Pearl Pearl Pearl unlocks a special sky-based dungeon where enemies use strategic tactis such as inflicting negative effects or cornering the player.
SULion Lion Lion unlocks a special dungeon inside its mane with a special air mechanic in which you must find spots to temporarily come out and breathe or else you'll pass out.
Amethyst2 Amethyst Amethyst unlocks a special underground dungeon where you can fight robots that sure have a strange resemblance to the machinery used by Peridot and other Homeworld Gems...
Steven12 Steven Steven unlocks a special dungeon taking place in Rose's room, this dungeon can only be played with Steven and it's pretty much a compilation of various gameplay types including Detective, Platforming, Stealth and Puzzle Gameplay.


Big part of the soundtrack is taken from the show, though some of it is taken from other media.

Name Plays in:
We Are The Crystal Gems! Intro
The Crystal Gem Anthem Main Menu
Overworldly World Overworld Area (Safe)
This is NOT Safe! Overworld Area (Risky)
It's Battle Time! Battle with an Enemy
Risky Battle Boss Battle

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