Steven Universe: The Three Diamonds is an RPG game resembling Paper Mario and Attack the Light releasing for the New Nintendo 3DS and the PC, and later the Nintendo Gem on May 21, 2016. It celebrates the anniversary of the Pilot of Steven Universe. The story revolves around the 3 diamonds, Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and White Diamond. You can start your game playing as the Crystal Gems, Yellow Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, or White Diamonds, each with their different story.


All characters obviously have different abilities. You can fuse by clicking a character, pressing fuse, and then choosing another character to fuse with.

The Crystal Gems

Gem Bio Weapon(s) Abilities
Steven ShieldSteven Universe Everyone's favorite gem-human, Steven Universe, is back! After his mom sacrificed herself to make him, his destiny is to save humanity and protect the earth from incoming threats. He is a supportive character, usually healing or defending the other gems with his shields and bubbles. He earns back his healing abilities in the middle of this game. Steven can throw his shield at opponents, which is pretty much his only offensive weapon. His specialty is defense, with his shield and bubbles. However, he can call Lion and ride on him to get offensive attacks. His abilities include bubbling, summoning shields, healing, using Phytokinesis, and being immune to gem-destabling tools.
NewPearl4Pearl TBA Spear TBA
Amethyst newAmethyst TBA Whip TBA
RubyArtworkRuby TBA TBA TBA
SapphireArtworkSapphire TBA TBA TBA

Fusion Bio Weapon(s) Abilities
NewGarnetPoseGarnet TBA TBA TBA
OpalArtworkOpal TBA TBA TBA
SardonyxSardonyx TBA TBA TBA
Sugilite SUSugilite TBA TBA TBA
Alexa da monstahAlexandrite TBA TBA TBA
QuestionMark???? ??????? Originally a fusion of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet. Now they find out near the end of the story that it works with Steven. Guess who it is. TBA TBA TBA

Ally Bio Weapon(s) Abilities
LionWIPFinLion Steven's pet lion. Steven calls him into battle when he wants to go offensive. He cares very much for the gems, and has abilities such as an Ultrasonic Roar Sharp Teeth. TBA

The Yellow Diamonds

Gem Bio Weapon(s) Abilities
Yellow Diamond SUYellow Diamond Yellow Diamond is obviously the leader of the Yellow Diamonds. His made goal is to take over Earth, exterminate all sentient life, harvest the usefull minerals to make new soldiers, and then sell off the planet to the highest bidder. He is very patient but has an extremely evil heart. She uses extremely powerful attacks, but has low defense. He is voiced by Tim Curry, who at the time, had recently completed recovered from his 2012 stroke enough that he was able to use his old hammy voice again. Spiked Boomerang Night Vision, Invisibility
Jasper - With WeaponJasper TBA Helmet TBA
Peridorito is backPeridot TBA TBA TBA
QuestionmarkSphalerite TBA TBA TBA

Fusion Bio Weapon(s) Abilities
QuestionmarkGaspeite A fusion of Peridot and Jasper TBA TBA



Ally Bio Weapon(s) Abilities

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