Steven Universe: Steven's Magical RPG-Thingy!
Developer(s) Cartoon Network, Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Wii U
Release Date(s)
June 1st, 2016
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Steven Universe
Predecessor NONE
Successor NONE
Media Included Steven Universe
Cost $49.99
"Steven Universe: Steven's Magical RPG-Thingy!" or "Steven Universe RPG" is an upcoming RPG game made for the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U. It's a non-canon game in the Steven Universe universe, and was announced around December of 2015. It will be a Paper Mario styled game, along with other assets thrown in. As of now, very few characters have been announced, although there will be about 60 characters in the game overall, and DLC with be added.


As stated above, the game plays out like Paper Mario with some new elements thrown in. The core gameplay from Paper Mario is tossed in. However, there are changes. For one, you can make a team of 4 characters in each round, instead of 2 like in Paper Mario. You can set up your team anytime in the places you travel to by using the pause menu. Also, there's a new "Masher" mechanic. Three times a battle, your four teammates can get out a signature weapon and hit the enemies with it, much like in Mario And Luigi: Paper Jam.



After playing "Super Duper RPG 2!!!," Steven starts to think of his own RPG adventure, in which his friends and family are the main characters. As he goes to bed that night, Steven's idea comes to life in the form of a dream...

One day, Steven and the Crystal Gems are building the drill to get The Cluster when a portal opens up from below them, sucking in the drill. Steven jumps into the portal to get the drill back, followed by the Gems. Not knowing where it leads, the portal closes up, leaving the heroes stranded.

Steven Universe CharactersEdit


Image/Name Description How To Unlock

Steven Shield


Steven Universe is the main character. If you couldn't guess that already. Steven is the balanced character, and good for beginners. Steven can use his shied, along with his Cheeseburger Backpack. This character is default from the start.

Steven Cat fingers

Cat Fingers Steven

From the appearance, you probably think Cat Fingers Steven is just a clone. Well, he's not. His speed stat is higher, and he can attack using cats. He can even transform into a big cat with smaller cats on him for more damage. Beat any boss with Steven.



Garnet is a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. Spoilers for people who didn't know. Garnet is more powerful, with some smaller defense. Garnet and use her gauntlets to attack, and can easily take out enemies. This character is default from the start.


Young Garnet

A younger, more faster Garnet. She's the most powerful of the "Young Gems." She can fire off her gauntlets, use electrokinesis, and can even shapeshift into Steven for a few turns! Find the map to Keystone Motel.

Amethyst new


Amethyst is a gem that was formed on Earth, and is the second-most "human" of the Gems. Amethyst can use her whip to fight, and can use her spin dash as well. She can also shapeshift into a cat or a bird. This character is default from the start.


Young Amethyst

This version of Amethyst is one of the fastest characters in the game, and makes up for strengh in speed. She can shapeshift into an owl, bite an enemy, and play out a rockin' drum solo! Find the hidden Amethyst picture in Vadalia's garage.



Pearl is the last member of Crystal Gems, and had a form of a romantic relationship with Steven's mom. She can use her spear as her main method of attack, and can use her Attack The Light Move, Fireball. This character is default from the start.


Young Pearl

Pearl is nearly the same, if not for a slight change in defense. Like the others, she has different moves to go along with it! She can dual-wield two spears, use her battleaxe, and her swords to fight. Find 3 swords hidden around Beach City.

Rose Quartz - With Weapon


Rose Quartz is the original leader of the Crystal Gems and Steven's now deceased mother. She can use her sword, which is the most powerful weapon in the game. She can also use her shield and phytokinesis to attack. Beat the game once.

Peridot Done


Peridot is a Homeworld Gem working for Yellow Diamond...or, is in some way associated with her. Peridot can use her limb enhancers to fly for a short period of time and shoot energy balls. She can also her tractor beam. Beat her boss later in the game.

Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli is a Homeworld Gem, and can control water. She's also losing her identity in the real world. Lapis can use her wings, spires of water, and even summon water clones of enemies to kick some enemy butt! Beat Malachite later in the game.

Jasper - With Weapon


Jasper is a Gem who's currently trapped at the bottom of the ocean...but not in Steven's dream. Jasper can use her crash helmet and her Gem Destabilizer to attack, but lacks speed for her power.

Beat Malachite later in the game.



Lion was Rose's companion, and now belongs with Steven. Lion can use a powerful roar to attack, along with using Lion Lickers to heal himself. He can also bite enemies and pounce on them. Find him somewhere in Beach City.



The Mama Centipeedle in a smaller form. While less powerful, it can still pack a punch! It can bite opponents, and can spit out it's signature acid! Centipeedle can also spin it's head around, making acid fly everywhere. Fight the Mama Centipeedle later in the game.

Connie - Sworn to the Sword Model PNG


Connie Maheswaran is the best friend of Steven, and is a skilled swordfighter. As such, her fighting moves include using her sword. She can also use her tennis racket and her violin to fight. Find her somewhere in Beach City.

Greg PantsCut


Greg Universe is Steven's father. Honestly, he's a lucky guy. Greg can drive his van into any enemies, and break out into a guitar solo. He can also use duct tape to paralyze enemies. Find the key to It's A Wash.



Ruby is one half of the fusion, Garnet, and the romantic partner of Sapphire. Ruby can use her gauntlet and heat regulation. She can also flip a table at enemies, courtesy of Keystone Motel. Unlock all variations of Garnet.



Sapphire is one of the fusion, Garnet, and the romantic partner of Ruby. Sapphire can use future vision to predict what an enemy do and dodge it. She can also use her thermo-regulation to freeze enemies. Unlock all variations of Garnet.

Super Duper RPG 2!! CharactersEdit


Image/Name Description How To Unlock



Claude is the main hero of Super Duper RPG 2!! He's searching for his villain, Lord Ragnonirf. He's very good with swords...preferably giant ones. He always refers to his old friends, including a girl that got impaled. Finish the quest, "Dangerous 2 Go Alone."

New Piskel(1)


Cevalia lives on another island, but is Claude's best friend. She's very fond of music, and every one of her attacks revolves around a form of music or dancing. She's also good with a harpoon. Finish the quest, "Beggining Fantasy."