Steven Universe: Quest for the Lost Gem
Steven Universe Quest For The Lost Gem
Developer(s) Cartoon Network Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) PS4
Wii U
XBox One
Genre(s) Simulator
Series Steven Universe
Steven Universe: Quest for the Lost Gem is a game from the show named Steven Universe by Cartoon Network



Image Name Description
SSBE Steven Universe Steven 'Quartz' Universe

A young half human, half gem made by Rose.

He is part of the Crystal Gems and he has a lot to learn


Image Name Des
Freaking Stupid Emeraaald Emerald A funky-like gem and the new CEO of the Homeworld after Peridot retired and moved on as a Crystal Gem, he stole the Emerald and kept it for himself to make him the Emerald Gem, he is the main antagonist of the game.


Image Name Description
Greg PantsCut Greg 'Quartz' Universe A very happy father of Steven Universe and a husband of Rose who sucessed Steven Universe and a heavy metal rocker, he helps Steven to find the Gem. He provides Tasks to Steven


Image Name Description
SSBE Garnet Garnet

She is possibly the leader of the Crystal Gems, she, Amethyst and Pearl doesn't really need the gem,

Garnet's Weapons are Gauntlets and she is actually Ruby and Sapphire fused with each other. She provides Tasks to Steven when's she's not unfused

Pearl A member of the Crystal Gems, she really cares and worries about Steven Universe, she has a Sword as a weapon. She provides Tasks to Steven
Amethyst Render Amethyst A Clumsy and Crazy Member of the Crystal Gems, she loves eating and doing wild things. She provides Tasks to Steven
RubyArtwork Ruby Along with Sapphire not really a Tritagonist, but she and Sapphire fuses as a Tritagonist Garnet, she has romantic feelings for Sapphire and she has anger issues, she and Sapphire sometimes unfuses in the game.
SapphireArtwork Sapphire Just like Ruby, not really a Tritagonist, just her and Ruby fusing as the tritagonist, she also has romantic feelings for Ruby. She and Ruby sometimes unfuses in the game

Supporting CharactersEdit

Image Name Description
Smol Peridot by Lenhi Peridot She doesn't help Steven and Greg by finding the lost Gem, but she is the former CEO of the Homeworld Gems and is now part of the Crystal Gems according to the episode "Message Recieved". And she provides tasks for Steven.
Lapis Lazuli Formerly trapped in a Mirror after a war and found by Pearl, but released by Steven where Steven got grounded for it, but she became good after she putted the water back in Beach City. She provides tasks for Steven.
Jasper Actually a Antagonist, but she couldn't be a antagonist in the game because Emerald took the place, you can Interact with her somewhere in Beach City and she provides Tasks for Steven
Yellow Diamond Also supposed to be the Antagonist, but Emerald took the place, she only provides tasks for Steven.
Lars Just a kind egoistic guy who only thinks about himself working at The Big Donut, once again, he provides tasks for Steven in the game.
Sadie Lars's partner in the big donut, she doesn't provide tasks for Steven because Lars provides it in the Big Donut, you can only interact with her, and she sometimes appears in Lars's Tasks
Connie Connie Steven Universe's friend who might be Steven's Romantic Crush, she has learned to be a sword fighter from Pearl. Just like Sadie, she doesn't provide tasks to Steven, but she sometimes appears in tasks
Lion Steven's pet and best friend, was found in the desert and turned into Steven's pet, he appears in tasks where you need to ride him
Dewey The mayor of Beach City, he sometimes panics, he provides tasks to Steven to make the city better.
Pizza Family Only Kofi provides tasks to Steven in the family, they all work in the Fish Stew Pizza.
Ronaldo Part of the Fryman Family, he provides tasks to Steven to make his father's business better.


XBox One (Example)

Left Analog Stick - Move

Right Analog Stick - Move Camera

A - Jump

B - Attack (Cannot be used for pedestrians)

X - Interact

Y - Sprint

Start - Menu

LB - Map

RB - Pick Up


Steven found out that a gem is lost named the Emerald, but someone used it for himself and stole it, so Steven and Greg need to find it.


NOTE: They are not on row, some of them aren't the second task or third or whatsoever

Greg (Deuteragonist)Edit

A lost Gem (First Storyline Task): Greg just knew about the new gem as is up to tell the Crystal Gems, Peridot isn't interested to find it, but the Crystal Gems doesn't really need it, but it's okay if they find it according to them, but Steven will help his dad

My guitar!: Greg's Guitar just broke, but you've got to help Greg to repair his Guitar by finding some tools

Rumors about the lost gem: Steven and Greg are up to ask Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Jasper, Yellow Pearl, Lars, Kofi and Ronaldo about the lost gem

Wash this up!: Steven has to wash the cars in Greg's Car Wash

It's stolen!: Greg just heard the Gem has been stolen and made the gem alive and Steven and Greg will ask around Gems.

Who made us left Beach City: After Steven, Greg and The Crystal Gems were forced to leave Beach City and move to the Gem Kingdom due to safety, somebody setted them up, they are now finding out who is

Hey this is Similiar: Go explore the Kingdom to take a photo of what things is Similiar to Beach City

Attack of the Enemy Kingdom: The Enemy Kingdom are going to attack! Steven and the Crystal Gems are up to save it

Unfused? Whaaaat?: Ruby lost Sapphire, so Greg and Steven are about to find Sapphire so they can fuse again.

Back to Beach City: Steven, Greg and The Crystal Gems are going back to Beach City, but it's been taken over by the Emerald Kingdom

Taking back Beach City: Emerald has just taken over Beach City after Greg, Steven and The Crystal Gems came back!

Like Father and Son (Final Storyline Task): Steven and Greg knows where the hideout is, so they are going into their boats to chase Emerald and defeat him.









Lapis LazuliEdit




Yellow PearlEdit











  • Emerald is the Antagonist who isn't the main enemy of the Protagonist, but he is the main enemy of the Deuteragonist Greg Universe