The Gems on this page are known as "Offensive Gems". These Gems are strong and powerful and usually have heavy and effective weapons. These Gems are often louder than other Gems and prefer hand to hand combat rather than stealth missions.


Picture Name Gem Placement Summoning Weapon Gemstone
N/A Ruby Left Hand Boxing Glove RubyGemstone
N/A Sapphire Right Hand Brass Knuckles SapphireGemstone
N/A Tourmaline Stomach Mace WatermelonTourmalineGemstone
N/A Amethyst Chest Whip AmethystGemstone
N/A Tiger Eye Right Foot Iron Boot TigerEyeGemstone
N/A Topaz Chest Hammer TopazGemstone
N/A Moonstone Chest Sythe MoonstoneGemstone

More to be added...


  • Moonstone is the only Offensive Gem with the ability to turn invisable, making her one of the best Gems to use for stealth missions.
  • Tourmaline's Gemstone was originally placed on her neck.

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