These Gems are Defensive Gems, they have weapons and abilities designed to Protect rather than to Destroy. These Gems are often very quiet but are hard to degenerate, when they are forced into their Gemstones they usually take the longest.


Picture Name Gem Placement Summoning Weapon Gemstone
N/A Rose Quartz Stomach Shield RoseQuartzGemstone
N/A Desert Glass Upper Back Walls DesertGlassGemstone
N/A Charoite Forehead Force Field CharoiteGemstone
N/A Coral Neck Spining Blade CoralGemstone
N/A Jade Tounge Acid Spit JadeGemstone
N/A Snowflake Obsidian Chest Reflective Sword N/A
N/A Lace Agate Nose Jaw Clamp N/A

More to be added...


  • Jade is one of the few Gems who's Gemstone isn't shown on her art, this is because it is on her tounge.
  • Rose Quartz and Coral are the only two gems that are able to heal cracked Gems, Rose with her tears and Coral with her saliva.

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