Steven Universe: Land Before Steven is a Steven Universe game for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS and is set to be released sometime in late 2016 to early 2017. The game follows the events of the Gem Rebellion and the Gem Wars, lead by Rose Quartz against the Homeworld Gems in an attempt to stop them from invading and destroying Earth.

Story Mode

The game follows a story from before the wars, and the build up to the wars themselves. The player doesn't get to choose a side and instead plays the story from both sides, seeing both sides of the argument. The story is split off into 10 Chapters. Actions made in Free Mode do not effect the actions in Story Mode.

Free Mode

"At last, we found a planet the has sustainable gem matter, the planet seems to be inhabited by things known as Humans, they don't appear to be very advanced and seem relatively harmless, they will be easily wiped out by our technology, we shall send probes and begin our long awaited Kindergarten project."

As the Diamond Gems (homeworld) prepare to send probes to Earth, a group of Gems, who call them selves the Crystal Gems, go on protest against the Diamond Authority, stating that the species on Earth don't deserve to be wiped out for Gem benefits and they should look for another, uninhabited planet, leading to a rebellion. The groups leader, Rose Quartz, heads to Earth to attempt to stop the Kindergarten project before it becomes too much of a problem and begins to wipe out life on Earth. Succeeding, the Diamond Gems declare war on her and her legion of followers and the two armies battle it out over control of planet Earth. The game has two selectable modes, Diamond Mode and Crystal Mode. The two modes don't differ too greatly in terms of game play, they merely change sides, Diamond Mode has you fighting to invade Earth, while Crystal Mode has you fighting to protect Earth. Both modes use different characters from the two sides of the army.

Diamond Mode

Diamond mode gives you the ability to get supplies from the Gem Homeworld, once you reach Level 5 you can actually travel to the Gem Homeworld to recruit new Gems and to build War Weapons. In Diamond Mode, your Gems are stronger, but take longer to regenerate, they also are louder that the Crystal Gems and are easily spotted in stealth missions.

Crystal Mode

For a short period of time (about 1 to 2 weeks) you can get supplies from the Gem Homeworld. Crystal Gems are not allowed to travel to the Homeworld at all but can interact with the Humans who live around where Beach City would be built. Crystal Gems have the ability to actually destroy bubbled Gems if they want and once Level 15 is reached, 5 Gems are able to fuse at one time. The Crystal Gems are slightly weaker yet the regenerate faster, the fastest Gem to regenerate is Ruby, who takes roughly 5 minutes.

Corrupt Mode

Unlocked after reaching Level 50, Corrupt Mode allows you to play as Corrupt Gem Monsters, attacking both Diamond and Crystal Gems, the Monsters seek only to eat other Gems. Corrupt Gems give the player a chance to play as a Gem who was corrupt either cracked infection or the Pathomite Laser Beam. Once a Corrupt Gem is forced into it's Gem, it is bubbled by whoever forced it to do so, and can not be retrieved unless the bubble is popped.


Diamond Gems

For a list of Offensive Gems, please go here.

For a list of Defensive Gems, please go here.

For a list of Neutral Gems, please go here.

For a list of All-Rounder Gems, please go here.

Crystal Gems

For a list of Offensive Gems, please go here.

For a list of Defensive Gems, please go here.

For a list of Neutral Gems, please go here.

For a list of All-Rounder Gems, please go here.


Picture Name Description Level
Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten is a vast canyon. Numerous holes are carved from the rock faces; these are the birthplaces of many Gems. Huge columns embedded with red gemstones protrude from the walls, and massive machines known as Diamiophages dot the landscape. Level 1
StrawberryBattlefield Strawberry Battlefield A huge field of strawberries, dotted with floating islands over deadly drops and unstable land, the vines and brambels from the strawberries seem to be what holds the place together, at each end of the field are the Gemhaus, places where the Gems get ready for war. Level 1
LunarSeaSpire Lunar Sea Spire Originally designed as a vacation destination for Gems before Earth is destroyed, the Lunar Sea Spire was known as an "Oasis for Gems on Earth" and was frequently visited by high class Gems of power and importance. Now thanks to the war, the Tower has fallen into disrepair and is in need of restoration. Level 2
DiamondTemple Diamond Temple The Pyramid Temple is a building situated point-side down in the Strawberry Battlefield. The interior contains booby-trapped corridors and carved images of Gem battles. The rooms spin within the pyramid; temple visitors are always returned to their initial position in the central chamber regardless of what corridors and rooms they enter. Level 3
CrystalTemple Crystal Temple The Crystal Temple is a sacred place where the Crystal Gems live. It is their base from which they plan how to protect humanity. Inside, the temple itself is composed of several cavernous rooms all connected through the Crystal Heart. Level 3


  • Despite being a Steven Universe game, Steven is not actually shown, nor is he referred to.
  • Despite the fact there are said to be multiple Pearls, only one Pearl is shown in the game.
    • The is most likely due to the fact that Pearls are said to be farmed in Homeworld's oceans and used as slaves, the Pearl who is with the Crystal Gems was seen as defective but rescued by Rose Quartz and then treated as an equal Gem.
    • The same goes for Ivory from the Diamond Gems, however she was bought by Turquoise.
  • If a Gem's Gemstone is cracked, they will need to be healed, if they aren't healed in time, they will become infected and corrupted.
  • If a Gemstone is smashed beyond repair, a Defensive Gem can use the Gemdust to create healing medicine that can heal cracked Gems.

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