Steven Crosser
Full Name Steven Crosser
Current Age 12-13
Date of Birth April 28 2000
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Startown, Neo Vivae
Current Status Alive
Class 7th Grade
Startown, Neo Vivae
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Slingshot, swiss army knife
Ability/ies Though he doesn't know it, he has ESP.
Vulnerable To He is weak to Girls
Steve,(by friends)

Mr. Crosser, (by Tortimer)
Cross (his prefered nickname)

Voice Actor(s)
HoshinoKaabi/Fierce.Deity/EmperorQinmon/Kyouhei/Steven Dragonrider
First Appearance Animal Crossing: Welcome to Startown
Latest Appearance Animal Crossing New Life

He is a fun-loving boy who used to live in Startown, and currently lives in Neo Vivae.


He was born in Chicago City, at Chicago Christian Hospital to Debrah Crosser, and Richard Crosser. At age of 7 he felt needs for a new life, and at age 11 moved to Startown to start his own life. After some a year in Startown, he noticed odd happenings in Startown, such as common earthquakes, tornados, storms, and one day stars started making a spiral above the town. He had a dream where he was in an ancient temple, and met an old man named Sei, who told him that he must live up to the prophecy, as a warrior of Stars. The next day, he got a mysterious free ride to a new town called Neo Vivae. Upon arriving he met new friends, Ariani, Tyche, and Kouki.  He currently works to pay off his debt to Tom Nook for his house.


  • He is actually also looking for a girlfriend.
  • He is also easily seduced by girls.