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Steve's artwork from Minecraft.

Steve is the main protagonist of the Minecraft series. He appears in Xbox All-Stars Battle Royale as a playable character. His in-game rival is Xbox Avatar.



Steve is the name given to a variety of miners in the world of Minecraft. They are carefree and enjoy mining over and over again until they can craft a variety of things, from workbenches to castles and complete recreations of entire region maps! They also have a tendency to play the villain as they enjoy trapping spawned Villagers underground and throwing cows into lava pits. Hard to believe these guys could be considered heroes, isn't it?


  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
  • Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition
  • Minecraft: Playstation Vita Edition
  • Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition
  • Minecraft: Wii U Edition





  • Name: Xbox Avatar
  • Reason: Unknown
  • Connection: Unknown




Steve uses a variety of items from Minecraft. His aerial moves will be described under his normal moves.

  • A Moves:
    • Diamond Slash - A, A - Steve does a horizontal slash with a Diamond Sword. Pressing the button again will make Steve do a diagonally downwards slash.
    • Diamond Mine - Left or Right, A, A (Mash) - Steve does a quick jab with a Diamond Pickaxe. Can be continuously mashed for longer picking. It will stop at a max of six hits. While in the air, Steve does a vertical spin with Diamond Pickaxe.
    • Diamond Chop - Up, A - Steve does an upwards chop with a Diamond Axe.
    • Diamond Dig - Down, A - Steve will quickly shove a Diamond Shovel into the ground, and then dig it out. While in the air, Steve swings the shovel below him.
  • X Moves:
    • Bow and Arrow - X - Steve will be able to use a bow and arrow. Pressing the button repeatedly will allow Steve to fire consequetive arrows, whereas holding it will allow him to fire a powerful charged shot. The charged move may be aimed while in the air.
    • TNT Block - Left or Right, X - Steve spawns a TNT block that immediately explodes, knocking opponents back. Holding the button will cause Steve to place three in a row, making the explosion bigger. While in the air, Steve will stack two blocks.
    • Minecart - Up, X - Steve will rush forward while in a Minecart. While in the air, the Minecart drives in a downward direction.
    • Bed Drop - Down, X - Steve will drop a bed on opponents, dealing extra damage while in the air. While on the ground, Steve can climb in the bed and go to sleep, healing a bit of AP. The bed can be destroyed by enemy attacks, and Steve can only place one at a time.
  • B Moves:
    • Crafting Table - B - Steve will summon a Crafting Table, which produces AP.
    • Lava Bucket - Left or Right, B - Steve will pour out a lava bucket, causing burn damage to anyone who touches the lava. Steve can continuously pour the lava for five seconds before stopping.
    • Iron Golem - Up, B - Steve will summon an Iron Golem, who will stay on the stage for 8 seconds. It will attack anyone on the stage, including Steve if he accidentally attacks it.
    • Piston - Down, B - Steve pulls out a Piston that can reflect projectiles.


  • Level 1 Super - Insta-Mine!: Steve dons Diamond Armor and a Diamond Pickaxe and will instantly KO an opponent with a single hit.
  • Level 2 Super - Creeper!: Steve spawns a Creeper that explodes, KO-ing all nearby opponents. Once it explodes, blocks will appear and Steve can collect them, converting them into AP.
  • Level 3 Super - The Wither!: Steve builds a Wither Totem. Steve jumps on top of the Wither before completing it, allowing him to control The Wither. It can fly around and shoot out homing Wither Skulls by pressing any button. It can explode also by pressing "RB" button, but it will end the Super.

Quotes and Taunts


  • Diamond Sword: Steve swings around a Diamond Sword.
  • Hungry Steve: Steve eats a pork chop.
  • Ride 'Em, Piggy: Steve rides on the back of a pig for three seconds before it disappears.


Steve can't talk, as he is silent character.



  • Nether Portal: A Nether Portal appears and Steve jumps out. The Nether Portal disappears in a burst of purple particles.
  • Lost Again: Steve looks at a map, holding it at different angles trying to figure out where he is before tossing it aside.
  • End of The Line: A minecart track is seen, and Steve zooms up on a minecart then jumps out.
  • Falling Miner: Steve lands on the ground after falling from a great height.


  • Fear The Sword: Steve holds his sword up in a heroic pose.
  • Pumpkin Mask: Steve puts a Pumpkin on his head, and accidentally gets turned around.
  • House Builder: Steve is building a small wooden house.
  • Hero's Reward: Steve mines a block of Diamond Ore, and then holds the Diamond towards the screen.


  • If using Fear The Sword: Steve is on his knees looking at his broken sword.
  • If using Pumpkin Mask: Steve is collapsed on the ground.
  • If using House Builder: The Enderman grabs Steve and runs away.
  • If using Hero's Reward: A Creeper explodes on Steve.

Results Screen

  • Win: Steve is seen holding the Diamond towards the screen.
  • Lose: Steve is seen collapsed.


At his default costume, Steve has costumes with a variety of alternate designs.

Craft Miner

Steve's default appearance, as seen in the picture above.

  • Master Chief: Master Chief from HALO.
  • Banjo: Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Marcus Fenix: Marcus Fenix from Gears of War.

Armored Steve

Steve wearing a Diamond Armor from Minecraft. Reach Rank 10 with Steve.

  • Diamond armor
  • Leather armor
  • Gold armor
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