The pockets. I can contain everything and anything I want in them. I will TAKE EVERYTHING FROM YOU.

Stephen (Alternate Form)
Full Name "Stephen"
Current Age 12
Date of Birth September 15th, 2002
Gender Male
Species Human(?)
"Stephen" is the main villain of the second Smash Fighters movie, and is one of the main villains of the series overall. He is a clone of Stephen from an alternate universe, and looks alike in appearance and voice. He is seen in fanart as the Murderer Villager.


"Stephen" comes from a universe where the rules are changed. Murder and other forbidden laws in our world are allowed there. "Stephen," because of those rules, has developed a case of Anti-Social Personality Disorder. He has learned to mimic emotions, such as love, sadness, and joy, and replaced the real emotions with deep hatred.


He has a few powers of the real Stephen.

  • Pockets: His main defense. He can litteratly grab projectiles and shoot them back at people for short or long spurts of time.
  • Silver Axe: A better-quality axe. He uses it as a murder weapon, as well as defense.