Full Name Stephanie May Ioannu
Current Age 25
Gender Female
Stephanie is Padge's wife and the damsel in distress in Padge: Riches To Rags. She is Padge's childhood sweetheart.


Stephanie is sweet and loving, and cares for Padge deeply. She has a good eye for detail and is very observant. She also is quite patient and resourceful. She is thankful for what she has and is content. She is smarter and more methodical than Padge and is a much better resolver of situations.


Stephanie has piercing blond hair and ice blue eyes. She wears a iconic red dress in the public eye.



Stephanie is almost a complete opposite to Padge and that might be why they get along so well. They have known each other for as long as they can remember with a strong relationship throughout.


Padge: Industry Reviver

Stephanie is reunited with his childhood sweetheart Padge when nursing him in the hospital after a beating from local thugs.

Padge: Riches To Rags

Stephanie is the main damsel in distress. After having doubts about flying, her fears of the plane crashing were confirmed. She is separated from Padge as they arrive at the island. But when they reunite she develops a spear.

Stelios Scramble

Stephanie is a unlockable character in Stelios Scramble, she can be in her pre or post crash outfit. Her moveset mainly revolves around her spear, making her a fast character and also a rather fast jumping character too.


Jump - Spear Spurt - Stephanie smacks her spear on the ground and and gives he a short lift.

Speed - Spear Charge - Stephanie charges in a direction with her spear.

Protect - Spear Straighten - Stephanie places her spear in front of her as protection.

Combat - Spear Puncture - Stephanie lightly pricks a few blows with her spear.

Finesher - Spear Spinning - Stephanie frantically spins around with her spear whacking anyone in her way.