Story Mode Songs

# Song Name Artist Location
01 Stepping On Mushroom Bridges Ben Steed Ghetto Streets
02 The Power Of Rock Flashpantss Rockin' Roads
03 Beat It Micheal Jackson Dance Stage
04 The Final Countdown Europe Rock 'n' Volcano
05 JPEG_Jive Protodome Awesome Office
06 Macarena Macarena Mexico
07 Chaoz Airflow ParagonX9 Chaotic Caves
08 City Escape Ted Poley City Escape (From Sonic Adventure 2)
09 Moonify nDozer Space Shuttle
10 Plethora Return Orangedust Outer Space
11 You Can't Stop Me! KgZ Descent Back To Earth
12 Pika Girl S3RL Route 1 (From Pokemon Red/Blue)
13 Black Snow KgZ Winter Wonderland
14 Lay Your Hands On Me Bon Jovi Creepy Cave
15 Party Rock Anthem LMFAO Night Club
16 Take On Me a-ha Random Generic Forest
17 Shower Of Life 586rick Rawking Waterfall
18 It's Hard To Find (In Desperate Times) Powerstars Underwater Paradise
19 Why Aren't You Dead? Bon Jovi Ghoulish Graveyard
20 Unfinished Words The Rutles Text-astraophe!
21 Staying Power Queen Bragging Bar
22 Sly KgZ Exil's Secret Lair 1
23 Save World, Get Girl I Fight Dragons Evil Underworld
24 Dark Black Forest Steve Rhyner Dark Black Forest
25 Mortal Bass Broken Note Land Of The Broken Bass
26 Space Dust 586rick Shattered Moon
27 Depth Perception Insert Rupee Sports Resort
28 Cherub Rock Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Garden
29 Trail Of Broken Hearts Dragonforce The Trail Of Broken Hearts
30 Procrastination On A Paper KgZ The Guilt Trip
31 Onion Warriors IOSYS Onion Orbit
32 Smooth Criminal Micheal Jackson Exil's Secret Lair 2
33 The Faster The Treadmill... I Fight Dragons Jumpin' Gym
34 Shanghai Romance Orange Caramel Shanghai
35 Today Smashing Pumpkins Time Warp
36 Serenity SYnthetiX12 The Void Of Chillness
37 Everlong Foo Fighters Exit Of The Void
38 Never Enough xKore Graveyard
39 Dracula Renard Dracula's Castle
40 Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man Powerglove Skreaming Skull Yard
41 Nuketown DJ Homidz Nuketown
42 Under Pressure Queen ft. David Bowie Hazardous Cavern
43 Eat Vegan nub_hat Hippy Land
44 Virus Alert Weird Al Yankovic Digital Realm
45 Instanbul They Might Be Giants Instanbul
46 The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth I Fight Dragons Nerd Neighborhood
47 The Pretender Foo Fighters The Alternative Area
48 Memories KgZ Funky Forest
59 Whip It Devo Steppin' Forest (Final Battle With Exil)

Bonus Songs

Song Name Artist How to unlock
Play That Funky Music Wild Cherry Automatically unlocked
Shining Star Earth, Wind, & Fire Beat Story Mode
I Love Rock & Roll Joan Jett Turn on the game 50 times
Smooth Criminal Micheal Jackson Beat 5 songs without missing any notes (FC)
Rainbow Girl S3RL Turn on the game 100 times
Just Dance Lady Gaga Unlock every other bonus song

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