Non-Playable Songs

Name Of Song Purpose
Project X 2 (TitleScreen) Title Screen
Conspiracy Menu
Like You


Story Mode Songs

Note: These songs are unlocked for Single Play and Concert after you beat them in Story Mode.

Level Song Name Artist Stage
1 Busy LowBit Darkened Dance Floor
2 Stayin' Alive The Bee Gees Disco
3 NES Medley Mr. Trent Japanese Streets
4 Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana Club
5 Barage Land Goops TheFD Streets (Afternoon)
6 Finger Linger DJ Hoohaa Streets (Night)
7 Midnight Lightning Bolt IOSYS Dark Alley (Night; Storming)
8 Cyberleak Deshiel and Bacon92 Industrial Park
9 Chaoz Fantasy ParagonX9 Factory
10 Sub-Sonic GR3YSAUCE Behind Factory
11 Quest For 16-Bit SourJovis Exil's Secret Lair 1
12 Kill The Arcade Owner AMTRAX91 Inside NES
13 Torture Arena Fire118 and Jinxed Forever Garbage Dump
14 Eye Of The Tiger Survivor Wrestling Ring
15 You Can't Stop Me! KgZ Power Plant
16 Reptile Skrillex Blackhole
17 The Future Soon I Fight Dragons Space Lab
18 Space Cat MedicTheSpaceCat Space
19 To Infinity Sablegends Top Of Skyscraper
20 Still Alive (Dubstep Remix) GlaDoS feat. Unsound Aperture Labs
21 Quality Underground IOSYS Secret Mine
22 Creep Radiohead Exil's Secret Lair 2
23 Skullcrusher Mountain Jonathan Coulton Skullcrusher Mountain
24 Human The Killers Dance Floor (Lighted)
25 Turn Off Your Mind Space Janitor Chrome Dance Floor
26 Between Time & Space [http:// Yumisekai] Streets (Being invaded by UFOs)
27 Battle Action Janiev Industrial Park
28 Dark, Black Forest Steve Rhyner Dark Forest
29 Ghost Town Antiskill Ghost Town
30 Song Of Doom Gareth Coleman Exil's Secret Lair 3
31 I Want You (She's So Heavy) The Beatles Dance Stage
32 Everybody Rock xKore Crowded Mosh Pit
33 Party Rock Anthem Lmfao Streets W/ Crowd (As In Music Video)
34 Thinking Mode 586rick In front of Exil's Lair
35 Sound The Alarm Fixx Exil's Secret Lair's Hallway (Alarms Flashing)
36 Double Bug TheFD Exil's Secret Lair 4
37 Groove Is In The Heart Deee Lite Final Battle With Exil

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