Power Permission

Step! VR Cover
Developer(s) Power Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo VR, Power Dream
Release Date(s)

JP: October 3rd USA: October 17th PAL: December 1st


Story, Single Play, Concert
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Dance
Media Included Disc

Step! is a game by Power Productions for the Nintendo VR. It was announced on September 26th, 2012. It is going to be a Rhythm game designed after Super Mario Step, technically making that game the first in the series.


The game runs on the same engine as Super Mario Step, playing like Dance Dance Revolution. There are three modes, Arcade Mode, Single Play, Concert. For Arcade Mode, see below section. In Single Play, you play one song. In Concert, you make a playlist of up to ten songs.

Power Dream version

A port of this game has been announced as a launch title for the Power Dream. So far, there are no differences announced.


Stepanni loves to dance. The story begins with him on the dance floor. Suddenly, the lights go out; Exil has absorbed the electricity! With a blast of light, he disspears, leaving Stepanni alone on the darkened dance floor. Now, he has to dance his way to Exil! Eventually, he gets to the Power Plant, where he find Exil about to absorb the electricity from it. It would make him unstoppable! Stepanni challenges Exil to a dance-off and wins. Defeated, Exil still manages to absorb some of the electricity and send Stepanni into space! He, of course, makes it back after a few levels. Stepanni now has to find Exil's secret base. Problem is? Exil keeps getting right back up after defeat. Finally, Stepanni corners him and challenges him to one last dance-off. Stepanni wins! Problem? Exil's base is going to self-destruct...after it sends atomic bombs in the direction of Stepanni's house. Even though he was defeated, Exil succeeded with his plan. The game ends with a shot of the few remains of Stepanni's house.


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  • GlaDoS from the Portal series makes a cameo in both the cutscene before the Dubstep remix of "Still Alive," and in the song itself, again voiced by Ellen McLain.