Stella Universe (previously known as Project Universe) is a game that was teased briefly on Exotoro's blog, with character sketches and concepts. The game was offically announced under the name Stella Universe at the Fantendo 8th Anniversary Showcase.


Stella Universe follows Stella, a girl struggling to find individuality and understanding about herself. One day, she awakens in a different universe... a universe filled with nothing but Stellas.

These Stellas all represent fears, flaws, traits, talents of Stella Prime, all individualized on a certain element of Stella. In order to escape this self-centered universe, Stella has to find a way out but when the only people around are you, it's going to be tough.


Stella is outfitted with two guns. These guns are attached to ropes that are attached to energy crystals. Destroying Stellas give you different colored crystals, which have various elements to them. On the guns themselves, there is a energy bar and a super attack indicator. When the dot flashes, you can unleash a powerful attack that can clear out a screen in one attack.


  • The game has no relation with Steven Universe, a popular tv show on Cartoon Network.


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