I can defend myself PERFECTLY FINE!
Stella to Claw The Crow

Stella The Porcupine
Full Name Stella The Porcupine
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Porcupine
Location Twilight Sky Zone
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Ability/ies Homing attack, star boost, can shoot stars, and double jump
First Appearance Spike The Porcupine

Stella is a porcupine who was born and raised in Twilight Sky Zone on Planet Delta. She is a main character in the Spike The Porcupine series.  Her parents have not been revealed yet, however, they are stated to be alive and in good condition. They apparently still live in their house in Twilight Sky Zone. When Spike traveled to her hometown, she fell in love with him and joined him on his quest against Zero. After this, she constantly flirts with Spike, but it's not as much of an annoyance as Amy's flirting is to Sonic. She considers herself Spike's girlfriend.


Stella is a light purple porcupine with long quills that hang down, similar to Knuckles' quills. She wears a blue jacket with a star and an "S" inside. She wears classic white gloves and socks. Her head has three lines that are blue, yellow, blue. The yellow line is slightly longer than the blue lines. Stella has eyelashes and blue eyes. Her skirt is a dark purple.


  • Spike The Porcupine - Love interest, friend
  • Claw The Crow - Friend
  • Razor The Cheetah - Friend
  • Rocky The Rhino - Friend
  • Violet The Fox - Best friend
  • Saturn The Monkey - Friend


Stella is a very cheerful porcupine with a good heart. She knows when someone is feeling down and will comfort them. She has a crush on Spike, and doesn't care if he doesn't love her that much. Despite her very cute, approachable appearance, she can be a dangerous fighter and a forceful ally. She knows she can defend herself, which others might not realize at first glance. This is proven when Claw says it's too dangerous for Stella in Spike The Porcupine 2.

Shining Stella

The super form of Stella is known as Shining Stella. She looks mostly the same, but her colors are darker. She is much stronger in this form, and her star boost now allows her to levitate.


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