Full Name Stella
Location Jade Jungle, Lavalava Island
Class Partner
Main Weapon(s) Spear

Stella is a Jungle or Tribal Guy (or rather Gal) who joins Kolorado on his quest for the crystals. She has to run away from her tribe because she refused to paint her mask and swapped her robe for a more comfertable purple robe, she was shunned by the tribe.

She was the first female Shy Guy variant that Kolorado had ever seen, she was a fantastic scientific and historic find so he had to protect her from her tribe. To show her gratitude she vowed to stay with Kolorado and protect him.

After the game she came to the public showing that there are indeed female Shy Guys, she was viewed as a scientific break through for Human/Toad and Shy Guy relations. She never returns to her tribe on Lava Lava Island.

Fleeing the Tribe

She first appeared in Kolorado's Kwest on the Nintendo Wii where she had to flee from her tribe. She was saved by Kolorado and stayed with him during the entire quest for the crystals she could attack and use her spear as a step ladder for high spots.


  • Spear Chuck - Stella throws her spear at foes in the sky or on the ground, it does the basic amount of damage for all three of the ranks.
  • Spear Charge - Stella charges foward with her spear doing 2 damage for normal rank, 4 for super and 5 for ultra with 4, 6 and 8 if timed correctly respectivly. It takes up 2 Koopy Points.
  • Spear Throw - Stella throws a Spear through all of the foes, it does 2 damage to all enemies while on Super Rank and 4 on Ultra Rank with 4 and 6 if timed correctly respectivly. She must be Super Rank to use. It takes up 3 Koopy Points.
  • Dancing Gal - Stella does a tribal dance which ups Kolorado's attack power by 2 and defence by 1 for a few turns. It takes up 4 Koopy Points and can only be used when Ultra Rank.