Stelivil's Smilonian Open is a badminton simulation game for the Nintendo IC and Hybrid Delta starring media associated with the Bearded Smiley universe.


Stelivil has won the Smilonian Open, and is having his well earnt summer break relaxing on a beach. After tanning and sipping some cocktails, he gets bored. And wants to get back to his life, it's time to round up some friends and competitors to find the next big star from all across Smilonia.

After completing a tournament, the defending Champion boss will be faced to take the trophy. Once the tournaments are all completed, a grueling Ultimate Tourney is found, where you contest with the 8 champions you previously faced, but at a higher level of difficulty.


You play a match of badminton, with items and special moves to halt or hinder the performance. You play as characters on courts associated with the series. Each character has their own stats and can be upgraded. Matches happen on Bearded Smiley themed courts with certain gimmicks to diverse the players performance.

The Umpire's (who vary from each court) will either say or have signs to indicate points and whether a shot was "in" or "out". They will also throw items in between rallies, where they will be stuck to the racket if stepped on by a player to use.

Career Mode

Choose a character to win World Status with by coarsing through 6 tournaments victorious.


There are 4 default playable characters in total, with 8 more to unlock. With 4 in each class category in total.

Image Name Class Description Special Move
Bearded Smiley All-Around Bearded Smiley can teach a class off annoyance, but can he master badminton?

Annoyance Wave - A wavy wave of annoyance causes the direction of the shuttlecock to suddenly change.

Bearded Ninja Skill

Ninja reflexes are perfect for badminton... so let's see if he can prove it, eh?

Sword Slice - The shuttlecock violently curls to trick the other player.

Ninjaspeed Skill

Ninja reflexes again? Well Bearded rival's flexible, Ninjaspeed; Bearded Smiley's rival is perfect for badminton!

Halfy Bloody All-Around Studious and able to study moves too, Halfy Bloody is hear to lay down the law.

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Class Description Special Move How to Unlock
Bearded Trollface Uilee's Alee is here to troll you all... you see what was done there? Uber Troll - Bearded sings a troll anthem halting opponents so Bearded can freely strike it for the duration of the 2 second move. Beat him in the Annoyance Cup
Mr. Chilli Power Mr. Chilli, the famed lawyer is here to show his skills with the shuttlecock! Chilli Flare - Chilli pulls out a chilli and sends the shuttlecock on fire at high speeds. Complete the Chilli Cup.
Waddie Skill Complete the Ally Cup.
Arr-End Skill Arr-End the swashbuckling pirate is here with some powerful timed moves. Bandana Hook - Causes the shuttlecock to slowly lob up in a awkward spot.
Hooly Speed Hooly the silent then arrogant hero? Well he's rich enough to do whatever he wants so he's here. Tentacle Whip - Hooly hides the shuttlecock in his tentacles then he whacks it at blinding speeds. Complete the Secret Cup with a non-Bearded Character, or play on Hoolyland freely 5 times.
Roxanne Power Roxanne D'Urre, sly secret agent, but is she so secretive on the court? Shadow Shades - Roxanne covers the shuttlecock with a dark burst and then sharply hits it ahead. Complete the Secret Cup.
Norbert All-Around Is Norbert being paid for his time off work, will he earn it by winning? Special Delivery Complete the Work Cup on Normal or above.
Uilee Tea Power Uilee will try many ways to get revenge on Bearded and badminton isn't stopping him! Beat him on Hard in the Tea Cup.


  • Neo Geo Pocket Theo
  • Afro Comb
  • Ninja Sword
  • Chilli
  • Breifcase - A powerful racket which can be thrown to rescue a shot by sending it up high.
  • Tea Mug - Captures the shuttlecock to you can run to it and shoot it freely.
  • Judge's Hammer - Will whack the shuttlecock down near the floor with power.


In total their are 18 courts in the game.

Name Description Umpire Cup
Bearded's House Bearded Smiley's House is a plain course with a few gimmicks and sound effects of Bearded's trademark lines. Bearded Giraffe Annoyance Cup
Ninja Dojo A Ninja dojo with a light brown background and the occasional Ninja spikes flying around to slice the shuttlecock. Ninjaraffe Annoyance Cup
Chez Cheese Factory Conveyor belts with or without cheese on to make you fly everywhere. The Chez Annoyance Cup
Polterguy Pathway A eerie gloomy pathway with purple skies Nightmare Polterguy Cup
Skull Plains A basic course on the Skull Plains flatland, with Skulls popping up from the sand every often for you to trip over. Waddie Polterguy Cup
Libary Halfy Bloody will occasionally throw books. Halfy Bloody Ally Cup
Arr-End's Ship Arr-End's pirate paradise is a wooden court on his ship, it tilts slightly in the sea, so be wary of staying up right and the cannons wrecking the floor! Arr-End Ally Cup
Rawser Lab Professor Rawsers Lab with gimmicks and robot arms trying to move squares on the court, catch the shuttlecock or move you. Professor Rawser Ally Cup
Smilexia City Court Fight across the jury benches, occasionally some drama will happen such as a window smashing causing the shuttlecock to fall. The Judge Chilli Cup
Court Crossroads The hallway where courtrooms can be chosen, watch out for crossing people to block the shuttlecock. Pamela Punctual Chilli Cup
Roxanne Road The largest court is taking place on a Smilonian road with the occasional car driving past through the court. Sheila Piunazj Secret Cup
Hoolyland Hoolyland Amusement Park rides can interfere with the game, candyfloss and other food can also fall. Hooly Secret Cup
Post Place Watch out for flying letters and packages thrown by Grong or at times Norbert. Grong Work Cup


Their are 7 tournaments in total, they can be done in Singles or doubles. After completing all cups, Stelivil is faced on a uber hard difficulty.

Name Description Defending Champion Courses
Annoyance Cup A beginners cup. Bearded Trollface Quarter Finals - Bearded's HouseFinal - Chez's Cheese Factory
Polterguy Cup A hard, spooky, dark cup. Nightmare Quarter Finals - Skull PlainsSemi-Finals -Final - Polterguy Pathway
Ally Cup For Bearded's other allies places. Professor Rawser Quarter Finals - LibarySemi-Finals - Arr-End's ShipFinal - Rawser's Lab
Chilli Cup Courts from the Mr. Chilli series. Lance Darville Quarter Final - Smilexia City CourtSemi-Final - Court CrossroadsFinal - Lance's Lair
Secret Cup Starring Agent RX and more mysterious, secretive places. Xavier Cell Quarter Finals' - Roxanne RoadSemi-Finals - Hoolyland Final -
Work Cup Courses at public sector places of work across Smilonia. Noah, Tucka, Soreitch and Cocoa (two doubles games or 4 singles) Quarter Finals - Post Place

Semi-Finals -Final - Weapons Depo

Tea Cup Uilee Tea has increased the difficulty and opponents to face. (This can only be faced once all characters are unlocked). Uilee Tea Round of 16 -


No. Name Description Character Course Reward
1 Leaving Home Try and win the game as quickly as possible. Bearded Smiley Bearded's House 5 Smilonian Dollars.

Special Games

These are bonus games involving badminton to unlock more Smilonian Dollars based off your score.


When visiting the Smilonian Post Service, Grong can give you the option to share your scores or play online.

Depo Store

Your outfit, racket and playstyle stats can be customised at the Weapons Depo with Noah, Tucka, Soreitch and Cocoa.


  • If the umpire is playing, they will be replaced by a normal male or female looking Smilonian.
  • Brock Kangaroo will give advice if the hints are turned on.

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