Steliosland is a family theme park revolving around Intellectual Properties by Stelios7. The park opened in Derbyshire in 2005, upon release of Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack. It is a sister park to Fantendo Land.


Upon expansion of the VineVille area in Fantendo Land in 2005 with release of Machine Attack, Hybrid Co. knew that there would be no more way of promoting there other games there. So they teamed up with a privately run leisure group in Summer 2005 to open a small amusement park revolving around their games. With the go ahead from Fantendo Land to house similar rides there, Steliosland was born, with only copied attractions from Fantendo Land residing there.

In a bid to gain more guests with uniqueness a year later, a robo arms ride and a indoor drop tower based off Raven Drones in a small section of the park called Raven's Revenge.


Name Class Description Year Of Opening
VineVille Vines Out and Back A 45mph sit down traditional out and back rollercoaster where you venture through a viney tunnel and go swerving your way across 'Vines'. With steep hills galore and headcutters, it's gonna' be a bumpy ride! 2005
Machine Attack Teacups You ride on machines and spin as fast as you can see if you can be the fastest machine on the track! Detonator and other drones all appear. 2005
Steel Surf Miami Surf A Ali Baba ride themed with rust and added on creaking effects. 2005
VineVillian Mine Train Mine Train A minetrain ride based around a fast rickety tour of the abandoned VineVille Mines. 2005
Machine Malfunction Wipe-Out WARNING: RIDE MALFUNCTION MACHINE MALFUNCTION. A Wipe-out ride which is designed to be a Crazy ride! (A Machine Malfunctioning)! 2005
VineVille Loch Ness Beast Corkscrew A Vekoma Corkscrew coaster themed around a loch ness monster unleashed in the VineViliian lake. 2005
Pasta's Restaurant An all you can eat pasta buffet, with a playground twinned next to it. 2005
Robo Shaker Robo Arms As shown in the end of EM2, prototype drones are shown in the queueline including the Robo Shaker, which collects Humans and swerves them about in directions. 2006
Raven's Revenge Drop Tower A drop tower ride themed around Raven's plans to VineVille to unleash Detonator. You are escorted by Raven Security into a lift shaft "to stay calm to stay safe". Effects to scare such as ticklers, Drones to scare, strobes and using smells ans steam. A large animatronic Detonator whacks the ride sending it down 80ft. The dramatic music stops and Raven workers "prepare for demise". By escorting you down the lift where the power goes out as you gradually decend.


Housing two series is the parks second biggest area, more family friendly than VineVille but still thrilling.

Name Class Description

Year Of Opening

Chilli Dash Racing coaster A racing launched coaster racing with Mr. Chilli and Lance Darville avoiding obstacles on their way to work.
Chilli's Hot food restaurant Indian, Thai, Mexican and Italian. It's all here but with a spicy kick, from Mild to Mature.

Commonzie Island

The tropical Padge area which also features the old games from Padge: Industry Reviver.

Name Class Description

Year Of Opening

Crash Flying Coaster The plane crashes bumpy representation on a smooth coaster with lots of near misses before hurling down to the station, seemingly crashing. 2011
Pilot School Junior Flyers Mini FastJet planes fly in a aerial carousel forwards.
Stephanie Smoothies Smoothie Bar With almost every type of smoothie that you can imagine, compliments to the experimental chef, eh?!
The Honey Pot Shop A shop shaped like a honey pot selling flowery toys to bugs and sweet confectioneries.


The Flat Pack Puzzler area is the Polyverse. All the buildings are roughly cube shaped.

Name Class Description

Year Of Opening

Pencorus Stand-up coaster Themed around the moving pencil boss Pencorus, a standup coaster with the cart shaped like Pencorus with the seats as Pencils.
Spinning Madhouse Madhouse Battle Draco inside the Spinning Madhouse room as you go all the way around to crash into his body sections.


A Earth Runner area with rides based off the characters features and atmosphere. |

Name Class Description

Year Of Opening

Concerto Stage A band a day keeps the fans entertained, kids shows appear too.
The Disc Jockey Music Shop A small music shop with real life hits and music from Stelios' games appear here.
Baptiste's Resteraunt Baptiste's has a fine dining steakhouse to eat at. 2007


Ancient Europe

Greek and Romans themes clash in the family themed Golden Saviour area.

Name Class Description

Year Of Opening

Ristorante Restaurant Greek and Italian food clash in a half-Greek half Roman restaurant influenced by both cultures.

The Park appeared as a stage in Stelios Scramble where from the entrance it traveled on the Bullet Train throughout other areas of the park.

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