Earth Rocket Rocers is a 2014 kart racing/adventure game for the Hybrid Delta by Hybrid Co., made shortly available after the GameCube's launch as a "fully-customizable kart Earth-stravaganza".


Poison Tom the villainous plotter who now roams a near-futuristic center of the Earth forever after Longy's banishment in Earth Runner. He gathers villains from the universe of Stelios media to come and meet him. Unveiling his secret plan, they dig a whole and end up at New Manchester right next to a FastJet office and arrive in a large tank, releasing modified gas-emitting Racing Drone's causing fires and overall pollution crafting a battered world of their own. A toxic-gassed "unsaveable" murky wasteland. It's exhausts dye landscapes with dark green sand, and soon only the toughest will survive.

Stelios heroes are summoned by Joshua, a Earth soldier and astronaut to save Earth for their planets sakes. He travels to them all with his Ship and has to defeat the local enemies in gameplay reminiscent to The Legend of Zelda series before aquring as much heroes as he can to take down their villains once and for all.

Once he completes his team of 15 heroes, they arrived and confront the 8 villains.


The gameplay is a kart racer with Hybrid Co. characters racing on various veichles racing around a track with 1-7 laps with obstacles, items to help or hinder the racer. Items, bumping, drifting, speedometer and multiplayer all appear.

The games other main attraction is it's Story Mode. With a free roam center of the Earth and if entered causes worlds to collide with it being the Solar Systems new center of gravity so courses can easily be selected. Courses can be selected in any order in this free world, but in tournament mode The area can be freely interacted to, with people to talk to and items to pick up. With Joshua being playable for the majority of story mode until more characters are aquirred on their respective planet.

Your character can have certain stats that can be upgraded at the area's Garage or Gas Stations. The stats are, Speed, Acceleration, Drift, Weight.

At the end of each race, a score will be given for money to be spent on new stats or outfits in the stores. The ingame currency is "Earth Dollars".



The Grand Racing Tournament is split into five rounds with four courses each, making 20 in total. All the courses take place at Earth locations.




The game can be played with 3 other friends similar to Mario Kart franchise. Although as a bonus, karting mini-games can be played too. And you can go online with these 3 friends to join or create lobbys for single races or tournaments.


  • It is the only OC by Stelios7 (tbc) that confirms to take place on Earth bar Earth Runner.
  • The games 3 announcers can be American, Australian or European.
  • The maximum speed that can be reached in this game is 200mph if a race on hard with a high stat kart, but this will have terrible handling.
  • The game was originally it's own original project for the GameCube but it was changed due to the success of recent mascot kart racers compared to non-mascot ones although most of the original elements were still retained.

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