On the edge of the Pudding Continent lies the Steamy Swamp. It is a damp, thick area containing lush green plants. Vines and long leaves hang down from the top of trees, yet the sunlight still makes it through. Various rays of light are clearly visible leaking through, however. There is a lake in the middle, and a town at its edge, called Wetsone Town.

To the Volcano!

When Luigi must head for Rumblebump Volcano in Paper Luigi: The Thousand-Year Compass, he lands on the edge of this swamp. Fighting through its monsters, he ends up screaming his head off just before entering town. The enemies found are (Minibosses are in bold):

  • Blooper - 2 HP, 0 Defense - Headslam (1, 1 Damage), Ink (-1 Defense) - A white squid-like creature that can spray ink.
  • Cricketoad - 10 HP, 0 Defense - Tongue Slap (3 Damage), Gulp (4 Damage), Lick (Paralyze)

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