This is the list of movesets for the Steam Fighters characters.

NOTE: This page contains spoilers of The Binding of Isaac.

Starter Characters

Character Moveset
BindingOfIsaacSSB Isaac Neutral B: Tears - A projectile move. It can be fired many times but it doesn't gives knockback to the opponent and only gives 1% damage. When Isaac is damaged furthermore, his tears become short ranged albeit it become larger and powerful. Variations: Homing Tears and Purple Tears
Side B: The Dice - Isaac throws the dices and "re-rolls" the opponent's moves if it hits the opponent. If hits, the Dice will randomize the opponent's next move or the opponent's current move. This move doesn't causes damage to the opponent. Variations: Slow Dice and Faster Dice
Up B: Angel Wings - A recovery move. Isaac do a small jump and then he triggers his wing. Pressing the up button more times will make Isaac fly faster. This move doesn't hurts the opponent. Variations: Burning Wings and Angel Flight.
Down B: Deck Of Cards - When used, Isaac will get one of many Tarot Cards. In this game, there is only 10 cards, they are: The Fool, which teleports Isaac in a random location, The High Priestess, in which summons Mom's Foot that stomps the opponents, The Lovers, which heals Isaac, The Chariot, which makes Isaac invicible but he can't hurt opponents either, Justice, in which it summons a random item, Wheel of Fortune, which summons a slot machine that has either a heart or a skull, if it is heart, Isaac's health is fully healed and if it is skull, Isaac is instantly KO'd, Strength, which makes Isaac bigger, Death, instantly gives 50% damage to every opponent, The Devil, in which makes Isaac weaker until he loses a stock, The Tower, which summons 6 troll bombs on the battlefield and the Judgement, in which it summons a Beggar, that drops a random item for Isaac. After Isaac picks a card, he has to wait 5 minutes to pick other one. Variations: Faster Pick and Best Pick
Open Valve Finisher: Crack The Sky: A powerful beam that works similarly to Zelda and Shiek's Final Smash, it is very fast and hard to dodge and can OHKO enemies easily.
BindingOfIsaacSSB Magdalene N/A
BindingOfIsaacSSB Cain N/A
BindingOfIsaacSSB Judas N/A
BindingOfIsaacSSB Eve N/A
BindingOfIsaacSSB ??? N/A
BindingOfIsaacSSB Samson N/A
CastleCrashersSSB Castle Crashers N/A
DontStarveSSB Wilson N/A
DontStarveSSB Willow N/A
DontStarveSSB Wolfgang N/A
DontStarveSSB Wendy N/A
DontStarveSSB WX-78 N/A
DontStarveSSB Wickerbottom N/A
DontStarveSSB Woodie N/A
DontStarveSSB Wes N/A
DLCQuestIcon Player N/A
DukeNukemIcon Duke Nukem N/A
WormsSSB Worm N/A
UnrealSSB Cathode N/A
ChzoMythosSSB Trilby N/A