SteamDragon is the third episode of Fantendo - Misfits.


The Misfits let loose a 'steampunk dragon' and it goes crazy.


Aran and Melissa are both sitting on seperate beds, Aran is clicking a pen violently while Melissa is eating some Mana Loops.

Aran: How ya' doing, Dust Bunny?
Melissa: Oh, so that's my new name now? It sounds like a stripper's name.
Aran: So does Melissa Dust.
Melissa: Oh, shut up!

Melissa sets her bowl down and whips around, throwing a pillow at Aran, and hitting him square in the face.

Aran: Oof!

Aran throws the pillow back at her, they begin to throw pillows at eachother but abruptly stop when an alarm goes off.

Melissa: Lets go.

They run out the door and run into a room, where they then sit at a table, a speaker turns on and a woman begins to speak.

Mrs. Crassus: Misfits, we have been getting some 'problems' with a large clock tower around hear, there have been abnormal groans and yells, even reports of 'demons.' Could you guys please check it out?
Aran: Why can't you do it?
Mrs. Crassus: Because I'm in a FUCKING HOSPITAL?
Aran: Okay okay! Jesus...

Melissa and Aran begin to run out the door as Firball struts out behind them.

Melissa: Okay, lets take my car.
Aran: Why not my motorcycle?
Melissa: No.
Aran: B-fine.

Aran and Melissa hop in the car, with Melissa driving. Firball leaps onto Aran's shoulder, and they take off.

Aran, Melissa, and Firball walk up the spiraling stairs in the clock towers, as they hear a metallic clanging sound.

Aran: Well, something's in here.
Melissa: Thats for sure.

They stop at the end of the stairs and find a hatch, they both look towards eachother.

Melissa: Ready?
Aran: Ready.

They open the hatch and jump out, staring up in horror.

Aran: Ho-ly...
Melissa: Shit.

A massive dragon-like entity, made from gears, pipes, and many other metallic pieces. It roars and spreads its wings, revealing massive, threatening wings.

Aran: That's not normal..

Firball leaps upwards and distracts it, it jumps upward as the dragon slams his foot down, but then swipes Firball with his tail. Firball lands on a gear and cowers in fear.

Melissa: Fir!
Aran: I got this!

Aran's arm retracts backwards and reveals a grappling hook. He shoots it outward and hooks onto the dragons back, it roars and readies its wings.

Melissa: You didn't think that through?
Aran: What?

Aran gets jerked forward as the beast takes off, smashing through the clock. Aran goes flying outwards and dangles by his hand as the dragon takes off into the city.

Melissa: ARAN!

Melissa's finger shoots off from her and forms into a knife, flying into the sky. It reaches Aran and slices the rope of the grappling hook.

Aran: OH GOD!

Aran begins to drop towards the ground, he slams into a car and shatters the top open, slumping down onto the concrete.

Melissa: Just me for now..

Melissa uses the dust-like particles to form a motorcycle, and goes flying out of the tower.

Aran weakly stands up and looks forward, noticing a straight path of destruction, broken buildings, and upturned cars.

Aran: Well, atleast I know where it is.

Melissa: Ha! Found you!

Melissa's pulls out a shotgun as the grumpy dragon turns around, emitting an ear shattering call.

Melissa: Well fuck you, too.

Melissa shoots the dragon square in the face, it screams once again and charges.

Melissa: Firball! Get 'em!

Furball comes bolting in, causing the beast to run in circles trying to chase Furball. Furball jumps upwards and slams onto his head, causing the dragon to roar.

Melissa: We've got him down, lets go-

The dragon slams itself down onto the ground, causing peaces of earth to fly outwards, sending Melissa flying backwards. She tumbles backwards and weakly stands back up, coming face to face with the dragon.

Aran loads a few shots of the blaster into the dragon's face, it falls backwards and yells.\

Melissa: Finally! What took you so long?
Aran: Well, you dropped me ontop of a car, so.

They both begin to shoot at it, blasting it backwards. One of it's legs give out and topple off, angering the dragon. It flies away and screeches, rusty knight armor then begins to spring to life out of the ground.

Aran: I'll handle rusty knight dudes, go un-wing that dragon!

Melissa smirks and then takes off, following the dragon.

Melissa creates a spring infront of her and jumps into it, flying upwards. Her hands turn into long, sharp spikes as they dig into the belly of the dragon.

SteamDragon: Skree!
Melissa: You're going down! Literally!

She swings downward to locate the core, but is thrown about by the dragon as it twirls and spins.

Melissa: Hold... still!

She throws a knife at the cover at the core, but misses horribly and the knife goes straight through the dragon's wing, leaving a hole.

Melissa: No!

The dragon begins to twirl and spin, throwing Melissa violently around.

Aran and Firball look up from afar.

Aran: She looks like she's got this.

Firball looks to him and nods.

Melissa: I don't think I'll get this in time!

She is continuously thrown around violently, she finally gets a grip and begins to rip the pieces off, revealing the core.

Melissa: Bye bye, SteamDragon!

Her hand forms into a sword, hitting the core. It explodes and Melissa flies backwards, falling down instantly.

Melissa: Oh no! Oh shit!

Aran looks up and his eyes widen.

Aran: She's falling!

He looks around frantically, then looks to a rusty knight, who had detachable wings.

Melissa: Goodbye Woooorld!

She closes her eyes as she gets closer to hitting the ground.

Aran: Are you okay?
Melissa: Huh?

She opens her eyes once again and notices that Aran had grabbed her, he had been wearing steampunk-esque wings and had been moving in unprofessional, swervy movements.

Aran: Let's land before I end up diving down head-first.
Melissa: Yeah.

Aran lands and sets Melissa down, rubbing the back of his head akwardly.

Aran: Yeah.
Melissa: Wanna go get some pizza? I'm starving
Aran: Oh yeah!
Melissa: Maybe Dominos? That sounds really good right now.

The episode ends as they walk down the broken-down streets, talking to eachother about pizza.


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