Stealthfish is a game that would have been released for Steam September 21st that was created by Flaming Games. However, it was discontinued and put up for adoption on April 1st.  



The game takes place from a top-down perspective. Players use WASD/Arrow Keys (Decided when you launch up the game) to move. Q is the default key to choose a weapon and Left Click is the default key to use it. You can knock on walls to attract guards to you by leaning against them (walking into them and then holding down a button in the direction of the wall) and pressing E. When you obtain the Flashlight, pressing F activates your flashlight for the basement levels and abandoned submarine levels. When your flashlight is activated, shining it at a guard will make them head towards the light. A basic strategy with the flashlight is to press F, lure a guard to a area, and quickly sneak behind him to stab him. Each level gives you a short objective to do. 


There's 19 weapons in Stealthfish, but they're all optional excluding the Pistol, Knife, Baseball Bat, and Flashlight. 

Name Type Damage Disadvantages/Advantages Found
Pistol Gun 10 Fires quickly but is the weakest gun in the game Jail Armory 
Knife Sharp Weapon 30  Insta-kills if you stab a enemy in the back undetected Jail Kitchen
Baseball Bat Blunt Weapon 5 Can knock out guards for a short period of time, allowing you to loot them, but is one of the weakest weapons in the game Jailyard
Shotgun Gun 10 Fires in bursts, but ammo is rare Guards
Dagger Sharp Weapon 60 Does more damage then the knife, but doesn't allow to instant-kill if you stab a enemy in the back Guards
Axe Sharp Weapon 45 Has a 5% chance to behead enemies, instantly killing them. Lumberjack Cabin
Machine Gun Gun 5 Fires the quickest out of any gun in the game but is one of the weakest weapons in the game due to the poor damage Army Base
Flamethrower Gun 20 Sets enemies on fire dealing 5 damage per second for a minute, but ammo is rare Flaming Cabin
Flashlight Blunt Weapon 10 Can knock out guards for a short period of time and can be used to light up pathways, but does weak damage. Basement
Crowbar Blunt Weapon  30 Is one of the strongest Blunt Weapons in the game, but takes a bit of time to swing. Abandoned Submarine
Torch Blunt Weapon 15 If you find a lit candle in a level, you can light the torch and be able to burn enemies with it. Unfortunately lit torches go out after 3 minutes or when you go in water  in the abandoned submarine level Basement
Sniper Gun 80 One of the best guns in the game, unfortunately takes a bit to reload and ammo is rare. Abandoned Submarine


In Stealthfish, each real place in the game are seperated into Worlds. Each World contains atleast 1 Mini-Boss and main Boss in it.

Name Areas Mini-Boss Boss
Jail Jailcell, Jail Armory, Jailyard, Jail Kitchen, Jail F1, Jail F2, Jail F3, Jail Elevator, Jail Staircase Police Officer Mark Police Chief Jacob
Forest Lumberjack Cabin, Flaming Cabin, Abandoned Fortress F1, Abandoned Fortress F2, Abandoned Fortress F3 Lily the Pyromaniac Vampire King Bryce
Basement Basement (it's basically just one gigantic area with some subrooms) Alex the Executioner Jake the Demon


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