During a match, the Status Ailment can be caused by most items or attacks (for example, a Fire Flower gives the burn status effect randomly).



The burn status causes the opponent to be engulfed in flames and take 3% damage every second. It can be removed by touching water. Mario and Luigi's fireballs, a Fire Flower, Link's Fire Bow, Flaming Bombs and Firebars can cause this effect.


The dizzy status is the most common status in the Smash Bros. games, which can be caused by blocking for too long. Sometimes, strong attacks cause this effect. While being dizzy, you can't move for a few seconds. A Deku Bomb can do this.

Stats Down/Up


If attack is up, the player's attack damage is multiplied by two. If defense is up, the damage that the player receives is reduced by 5%. If Toughness is up, the player's knockback resistance is multiplied by two. If speed is up, the player's agility and traction is increased by and reduced by 2 and 10% respectively. This can be achieved by eating a Power Pepper.


If the player's current stats are powered down, it will be decreased or divided by 10% or 2 respectively. This can be achieved by eating a Pail Pepper or some attacks.


The player, when paralyzed, sometimes will stop moving for a few seconds. However, while being paralyzed, the character can still attack. This can be caused by electrical attacks.


When poisoned, you'll take damage randomly. It can be caused by venom based attacks.


When bleeding, you'll take damage ever millisecond. When being idle, it shows the character trying to stop the bleeding, so the effect can wear off faster. Sometimes sharp objects can make the character bleed.


This effect can reserve some effects randomly to other characters. Some unlockable and DLC characters can do this. Mostly Shadow can do it.


This effect can be caused by ground and down smashing attacks. While trapped, the opponent is buried to the ground for a few seconds.


When touching a Magic Box (or Jack-in-a-Box), the character is trapped in a box and cannot attack for a few seconds. The player can still jump is sealed, but can't recover from a fall.


While frozen, the opponent is trapped in a block of ice and cannot move for a few seconds. Fire based attacks can remove the effects of this ailment. Luigi's costumized fireball attack, frozen water and some of Mr. Frosty's attacks can cause this effect.