Statik E. Squirrel
Full Name Statik Endometric Squirrel
Current Age 10
Date of Birth Unknown
Species Winged Thunder Squirrel
Location Nightmare Land
Align Good
Main Weapon(s) Electricity Orbs

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Statik "Endometric" Squirrel or simply known as, Statik E. Squirrel or Statik is a Winged Thunder Squirrel who thrives in Thunder Bellow Skies located in the Nightmare Dimension. Statik is planned to be one of the various heroes that will make an appearence in Enigmatik Games's upcoming title, Nightmare Land.




Before being acquired by Enigmatik Games, Statik was a mere Waddlewing recolor showing no difference other than sporting many electrical thunderbolts.

After being acquired by Enigmatik, he recieved a full makeover. He now sports a hat with a lighting bolt emblem on it as well as a scarf. He was also given a tuft of brown hair, a big bushy tail and wings which enable him to fly. He also wears gloves with bolts engraved on it and shoes that resemble Mario's shoes.


Staticwing (Cancelled Game)

Before abandonment, The Mushroom Galaxy company was planning a game where Statik was going to make his debut and star in. The game was never completed and not much was known about it other than Statik was going to be fighting against the main antagonist, Groolwhomp in order to save his Waddlewing village from harm. Due to the company abandoning the character, the game was cancelled and was never mentioned again. It is unknown if Enigmatik Games will ressurrect the game and rework it due to the founder deciding to insert the character in their upcoming game, Nightmare Land




  • His full redesign was unveiled to the public on Wedensday, January 6th.
  • His redesign was inspired by existing characters from the Mario (Series) and Paper Mario (Series) games.
  • Statik was originally owned and created by user NSMWu , founder of the Mushroom Galaxy company but abandoned him for unknown reasons.
  • He had the name Staticwing before his rights were acquired by Enigmatik.