Starylous (rough art).
Full Name Stary
Current Age TBA
Date of Birth Starlite World
Gender Female
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status Partnered with Mario
Starylous Aelin Twink (full name)

The Star Fairy

First Appearance Super Mario Gravitation
Latest Appearance Super Mario Gravitation
We gotta get that Grand Starlite Star back!
Stary, Super Mario Gravitation

Starylous Aelin Twink mainly known as Stary is a Star Fairy/Star Kid who tags along Mario on his quest in Super Mario Gravitation, she is a powerful star fairy who has incredible powers. Her job is to protect the Starlite Comet.


Stary was born in the Starlite World, another world where the Stars live. The Stars were living a peaceful live in the Starlite World, intill a black darkness appeared in the world, consuming the Star people and sending dark forces to cause chaos throughout the Starlite World. Lady Stardust (The Queen of the Starlite World) told everyone to evacuate the Starlite World, Stary's unknown parents then left the young aged baby Stary then.

In the future, Stary became a Star Fairy and dedicated her life as a Star Fairy, protecting the Starlite Comet and the Stars, untill Bowser showed up and broke the comet, Stary then revealed more to herself in personality and gets angry, but Mario helps Stary out to get the Grand Starlite Stars and the regular stars back from Bowser, and so their quest began.


Stary is bright yellow colored with black eyes, her legs are a bit curved, and her cheeks have a neon pink like color.


Stary is a curious and smart Star Kid. She loves to mess around and has a fun time doing that, but when she is in a certain situation, she will get herself out of it no doubt. Stary may have a nice and shy personality, but when she is ticked off, she gets really angry and shows her true feelings.



  • "Oh joy."
  • "Great stars! Look at that!"


  • Originally Stary appeared in Paper Mario U, but the game was most likely scrapped.