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Start a Band or Somethin is the 9th episode in Season 1 and the 9th episode overall.


The episode begins with the camera panning to Austin's house, and then showing Austin, Frog and Ice sitting on a couch.

Austin: Man, we're not very popular, are we?

Legendaryice: Yeah.

Randomfrog: It's a darn shame that you need actual talent to get fame.

Austin: Wait, I have an idea! We could start a pop band! After all,It has the pop in popular!

Randomfrog: Excellent idea, let's do it!

The scene cuts to Austin, Ice, Frog and Jereth in their garage with the instruments they just stole.

Austin: I'll be the singer, Ice will have guitar, and Frog will have drums.

Randomfrog: I dunno how to play the drums.

Austin: Learn. Okay, Jereth, you'll play the guitar as well.

Jereth: Pika Pika! (I don't have thumbs!)

Austin: Wanna rock?

A baby appears from an alternate dimension to tell them that he disapproves of their music.

Baby: No.

Austin: Alright! Let's Rock!

Austin, Frog, Ice and Jereth play their instruments. Badly.

An innocent couple's ears bleed.

Austin: Did we do good guys?

Baby: No.

The scene cuts to Austin,Randomfrog,Legendaryice and Jereth walking down the sidewalk with their instruments.

Legendaryice: Hey look! One Direction's stadium!

Austin: I have an idea! Let's hijack their concert! That will make us famous for sure!

Randomfrog: Alright, let's go!

Jereth: Pika pika! (This is a horrid idea!)

Austin, Frog, Ice and Jereth are sitting backstage.

Randomfrog: Well, here goes nothing!

The curtins open,with Austin, Legendaryice, Randomfrog and Jereth Seen.

Fan: You aren't the band!

Legendaryice: Uh.

The fans start throwing suddenly-accquired tomatoes at them and Austin,Randomfrog,Legendaryice and Jereth run for their dear lives.

Austin: I guess we will never become famous.

Randomfrog: Wait! We're already famous!

Austin: What do you mean?

Randomfrog: We're in a Cartoon show right now!

Austin: You're right, WE ARE FAMOUS GUYS! 

Everyone: YAY!


Everyone: YAY!


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