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Starships Cross X is an upcoming game by Phoniex Circle. It will star multiple ships from space shooting games, both side scrolling and vertical-scrolling. There will be 50 stages to play in the game, 25 for each side. However, not all of these stages will be played through in one session. Stage progression is non-linear, meaning that the next stage depends on whether certain objectives are completed or failed.




Image Name Description
Lasercannon Laser Cannon From Space Invaders, this ship doesn't mess around. His specials have shields surrounding him, and his shots are somewhat slow, but his movement is somewhat fast. He is a vertical-scrolling ship.
Marisa Marisa From Touhou, this human magician uses magic to defeat her opponents. She is an vertical-scrolling character. She is a quick and nimble character and can get through bullet hells quite easily.
Ani miyamoto 2011 Miyamoto Miyamoto is a swift-moving fighter from Mahou Daisakusen who calls on two smaller dragons to provide him with extra coverage. He is an vertical-scrolling ship, and has a continuous stream of firing. He fires a continuous stream of kunai-shaped bullets forward.
SpaceBomber Space Bomber This quirky ship from Space Bomber uses a claw which catches enemies and throws them. He can also shoot weak bullets, and is at average speed for firing and speed. He is also an vertical-scrolling fighter.
GradiusShip Vic Viper The spaceship from Gradius blasts onto the scene once more! He is relatively slow and has only a weak gun, but by collecting power-ups he can become much stronger. He is an side-scrolling fighter.
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