Starship Mario
SSB Mario Series
Availability Default
Series Super Mario Bros.
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)


Starship Mario is a Mario-head-shaped planet and spacecraft in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that is used to travel across the universe. Although notably smaller than the previous games' hub areas, it serves as the hub of the game and has, more or less, replaced the Comet Observatory from the first game. Other than its smaller size, another difference from the Observatory is that it also has changing backgrounds, the appearance of which depends on the World that it is currently in. A flock of seagulls can be seen on and around Starship Mario in the first two worlds, as well as the final world. Starship Mario is able to access different worlds by traveling through Portals between them. In the World 2 background, planets that resemble Saturn can be seen.
Source: Mario Wiki


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