Starship Mario is a defeault stage from Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. It is a Mario-head shaped spacecraft from the Mario Universe and specifically from Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is identical to Delfino Plaza from SSBB as it travels through several galaxies.



Universe Mario (Mario Galaxy)
Home Stage to Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, NES Mario
Availability Starter
Size Varies

The Deck of the Starship Mario

640px-SMG2 SM W1

The deck of the starship; the players start off from here.

Starship Mario represents the main stage of the Mario Universe. It is a planet-like spacecraft in the shape of Mario's head. The battle takes place aboard a medium sized garden, on the exterior part of the starship, on the top of the cap. Players can also walk on the edges of the head, near the ears, without falling off it. Several Lumas make a cameo appearance at the deck of the starship. In addition, the spacecraft is contstantly on the move, meaning it travels from galaxy to galaxy. After a few minutes, the combatants are warped from the stage in a random galaxy, similarly to Castle Siege, and battle there for a certain amount of time, until they are warped again in the deck of the spacecraft. There are 9 different galaxies that the player can fight on in total. Below is a list of all the galaxies the starship travels to.

Cosmic Cove Galaxy


Cosmic Cove Galaxy.

One of the galaxies is the Cosmic Cove Galaxy. The Cosmic Cove Galaxy is water planet, with an underwater cave area and a gloomy beach. The battle, however, takes place between the Twin Falls. There are two green platforms, divided by two streams of waterfalls. Combatants battle in these two platforms. The stage is similar to Bridge of Eldin, but much smaller. Players may find it difficult to grab the edges in order to recover, as the waterfall can drag the players downards. The background of the stage appears to be similar to that of Final Destination from SSBB, a vast galaxy with stars and planets.

Boo Moon Galaxy

640px-SMG2 BM Themoon

The Moon, where the battle takes place.

Boo Moon Galaxy is a simple, small sized stage with few hazards and gimmicks. Boo Moon Galaxy is a typical haunted mansion galaxy, covered with a strange, blue liquid. The battle takes place on The Moon, a half moon floating in the vast space. Hazards include Boos, which will frequently appear and float above the player's heads, inflicting damage.

Freezy Flake Galaxy


Freezy Flake Galaxy.

The Freezy Flake Galaxy. An iceland with multiple snowmen and home to Sorbetti. The battle takes place on a wide portion with a large, ice sculpture of Bowser, wich is located in the centre of a lava lake. Players can also fight on other small portions of snow which will ocassionally melt. Hazards include lava, and slippery platforms which makes it harder to characters to charge their attacks. In adittion, lava will sometimes eject from the lava lake and fall on the platforms.

Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet

SMG2 HammerBro

Bowser Jr.'s fearsome fleet.

Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet is a massive fleet of battleships, floating in the vast universe above Earth. The players battle in a medium-sized battleship, similar to Pirate Ship from SSBB and can also jump from to another. This galaxy is very hazardous. Gimmicks include multiple Hammer Bros., Bullet Bills and, some times, battleships will crumble down and the combatants will have to move to another ship.

Starshine Beach Galaxy


Starshine Beach Galaxy.

Starshine Beach is obviously a Beach-themed galaxy, with a sea and a sandy beach sorrounding it. It is a small sized stage. The battle takes place on the Cloudy Tower, a tower in the middle of the sea with a palm tree. There are also some other, small, floating platforms where the player can walk on. There is also a trampoline below the tower so that the player can recover more easily. Characters can also swim in the beach.

Space Storm Galaxy


The floating tower; one of the floating objects the players can borad and fight on.

A chaotic galaxy, Space Storm Galaxy is a dark, gloomy, large stage, with multiple mechanical objects, an abandoned rocketship-like object and a huge tower revolving around it. The stage is similar to Poke Floats. Combatants must constantly jump from object to object in order to survive. Some of them are very big, some of them are medium sized and some of them are quite small and all of them move in a different speed. Players can also battle on the exterior part of the tower, which is very slippery. Hazards include meteors and very strong wind.

Twisty Trials Galaxy


Twisty Trials Galaxy.

Twisty Trials is a galaxy which involves enormous spinning logs and platforms. Here, the battle takes place inside an enormous, spinning sphere. Combatants fight in a series of spinning logs which serve as platforms. Any player who falls from the logs, ends up falling into the spinning sphere, thus killing him. It is not impossible, however, to recover from it. It is a medium sized level with many hazards.

Hightail Falls Galaxy


The enormous ramp in Hightail Falls.

A galaxy which includes huge waterfalls and rocks as well as multiple wooden bridges and platforms. Combatants start off from a huge, wooden bridge, with small ramps and platforms floating by. As time goes by, the camera will start moving upwards, forcing the players to move upwards as fast as they can, before they die, very similarly to Rumble Falls. Once they reach the summit, they are warped back to the Starship Mario.

Tall Trunk Galaxy


An upward view of the enormous tree.

This galaxy involves a log, which serves as a platform, floating around a huge tree in the middle of a peacful forest. The log will sometimes hit branches and the combatants will be forced to battle in the branches of the huge tree. It is a small sized stage.

Music Played

Bolded ones have to be unlocked.

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