Starstruck Night (Console)
Developer(s) Dreams Inc.
Manufacturer(s) Dreams Inc.
Console Type Handheld/Home
Generation 9th
Release Date(s)
August 18, 2017 (America), August 31, 2017 (Europe), September 09, 2017 (Japan)
Discontinued July 28, 2022 (America and Europe), August 23, 2022 (Japan)
Starstruck Night is the first console made by Dreams Inc. as a home console.


The Starstruck Night device itself is a simple rectangle shaped system made to be placed lying down with the default colours of dark purple with yellow stripes and white dots in the surface resembling stars, a long groove in the center and a slightly sunken in rectangle-shaped spot of a slightly ligher purple at the surface. The main package comes with two controllers and one launch game of the buyer's choice.

The controllers, dubbed "Shooting Stars", are simple...yet not, being based on the DualShock and Xbox controllers in terms of shape and even in terms of the location of the buttons: The joystick and D-Pad are on the left of the controller and the face buttons, the Start and Select buttons are located in the middle as well as a Share button and a "Connect" button allowing you to quickly connect and disconnect from the internet, as well as two triggers on both halves of the console. However, the Shooting Star's most noticeable aspect is that instead of a secondary joystick on the right side of the controller like most modern controllers, it has a trackpad similar to the one found in the Steam Controller, the player is meant to slide his thumb or any other finger on the trackpad, this is to replicate the movement of the mouse in a PC game, and it can even be clicked. The Shooting Stars also possess gyroscopic and rumble capabilities as well as the ability to be played both wirelessly and connected.

The console itself doesn't need cartridges or discs, instead it uses cards known as "Okane Cards", which are scanned in the console's central groove in order to download the game into your "Database", which is your list of games, each Okane Card also comes with a code that can be inputted into the Game Dreamer Companion App in order to start digitally downloading the game onto your console if you're far away from home. There are also "+Cards" which follow a similar concept to amiibo and e-Cards, being cards that can be scanned in order to add additional content into multiple games. The sunken in spot at the surface is meant for placing cards that are out of their box.

The Starstruck Night allows modding and many of its games, though not all, have full mod support and even have mod workshops similar to Steam's called "ImagineWare".


Once you turn on the console, you're greeted by the sight of a room at night as it then focuses on the person sleeping on the bed (the console account's avatar)'s cloud of dreams as it pans up to the sky, revealing a massive world connected by massive dream clouds high in the starry skies, from here you can access many of the features of the console. You can customize your dreamland by setting up decorative buildings, painting over existing applications, planting statues, etc.

Default Menu Apps

  • GameLand - An arcade site, in this place you can access the actual games, with every new game you purchase a new arcade machine appears, and you can also "Look Around" to see a small archive of the games you've played, how long you've played them, since when you played them, when was the last time you played, etc.
  • TechnoRealm - A digital shop where you can buy games and DLC digitally as well as update your system and read the latest news about the Starstruck Night system and Dreams Inc.
  • The Lucid Bridge - A bridge that takes you into "The Lucid Cloud", a place where you can discuss about games in a social media/game forum hybrid similar to Miiverse and download mods in the "ImagineWare" for games that allow mod support. Requires internet access and a Zen Profile.
  • Nightsky Cinema - An "out-in-the-open cinema" where people gather to watch movies. In this place you can watch and download series and movies from Dreams Inc.'s DreamStream feature.
  • Indie CineCon - A small convention site where you can watch players' streams and videos shared through the Share button.
  • Dream House: A small cozy home where you can access the options of the system and also customize both your room and the many aspects of your dreamland.

DreamStream Features

As mentioned above in the Homeworld Cinema section, Dreams Inc. has started a service that allows people who have internet connection to watch streams of series and movies, you can either watch them live or download them to watch them later, but you can only download and save up to 6 streams at once.

Zen Profiles and Zen Network

When you first start the console up you're prompted to make a "Zen Profile" in the "Zen Network", through this account you can make posts in The Lucid Cloud, buy digital games and connect your system with the GameDreamer companion application, this also allows all digital games you own to be saved to your account, that way if you change systems or your system breaks you can still keep your digital games. A Starstruck Night system can allow up to 4 Zen Profiles on the same system.

The Zen Network is the console's internet service, and it is a paid online service, however, players without a subscription can still go on the digital shop and play online freely on weekends, and Dreams Inc. ocasionally hosts "Free Weeks" where no subscription is required. Having an online subscription not only allows you to play online during the weekdays but also gives you a "Zenbox" every month that has things such as objects to customize your dreamland, a PlayToken, sometimes a small cheap game at the digital store, Discount Coupons for the store, and an exclusive Trial/Demo of a game. Once the month ends, the demo/trial goes away but the small game, the objects and the Discount Coupons remain. The online subscription is 2,50 USD per month.


If you want to develop a game for this console just add the category "Games for the Starstruck Night" in your game's article.