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Starry Skies (Console)
Developer(s) Dreams Inc.
Manufacturer(s) Dreams Inc.
Console Type Handheld/Home
Generation 9th
Release Date(s)
August 18, 2017 (America), August 31, 2017 (Europe), September 09, 2017 (Japan)
Discontinued July 28, 2022 (America and Europe), August 23, 2022 (Japan)
Starry Skies is the first console made by Dreams Inc. as a combination of handheld and home console.


Each package of the Starry Skies comes with 2 controllers and one launch game (Consciousness in America, Drillstorm in Europe and Wario Land: Gold Rush in Japan).

The console itself looks pretty normal, being colored white and light blue. The console doesn't have a disc slot, but rather a card slot right in the center above some dots marking how many controllers are connected.

The main interest point in the console is the controller. Each controller features a slightly default design similar to XBox and PlayStation controllers, except slightly wider and with a small screen near the center, which can be utilized in many games for extra features, similar to the GamePad for the Wii U in a way.

Instead of using discs or cartridges, the Starry Skies uses cards similar to credit cards known as "Okane Cards" which can be scanned to access a game. The console also supports DLC in two different forms, in digital form which can be bought at the digital store, or the physical form, which are cards similar to Okane Cards known as "Betsu Cards".


Once you turn on the console, you're greeted with a small overworld of sorts named "Homeworld" where you can easily access the various different features who take the form of shops, houses, etc. Unless, of course, you want a simpler and more classic menu, which you can easily access by going to your "house" where you can also access options and set the classic menu as the default one.

Homeworld Features

  • GameLand - An arcade site, in this place you can access the actual games or "Look Around" to see a small archive of the games you've played, how long you've played them, since when did you play them, when was the last time you played, etc.
  • TechnoRealm - A technology shop owned by a big company known as "Carrot", in this shop you can look for news about Dreams Inc. (new games, updates, etc.) as well as download updates for the console and buy Digital DLC.
  • Homeworld Park - A nice park located in the center of Homeworld with a mechanic similar to "Streetpass", where you can save the avatars of people you've passed by who also own a Starry Skies system.
  • OuterNet - An internet system in Homeworld that allows you to enter a social site similar to Miiverse where you can talk with other people and express your opinions about different games and the system in general.
  • Homeworld Cinema - An "out-in-the-open cinema" in Homeworld where people gather to watch movies. In this place you can watch and download series and movies from Dreams Inc.'s DreamStream feature.

Handheld Features

Like mentioned above in the Homeworld Park section, you can actually bring your controller outside of the room and play games using the smaller screen wherever you want. Of course, there are some games that are not compatible with this feature and some do receive changes to fit the format, but most games can easily be played on the smaller screen.

DreamStream Features

As mentioned above in the Homeworld Cinema section, Dreams Inc. has started a service that allows people who have internet connection to watch streams of series and movies, you can either watch them live or download them to watch them later, but you can only download and save up to 6 streams at once, and even though you can download them from the handheld mode, you can only watch them in home mode.


If you want to develop a game for this console just add the category "Games for the Starry Skies" in your game's article.

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