Starlight Gems
Item Type Magical(?)
Kind of Item Gem/Crystal
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Shards of Time
Generation of light
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This item is free-to-use, within reason.

Mystical and beautiful crystals said to have fallen from the very heavens, Starlight Gems are incredibly rare objects. Their first appearance is in Paper Mario: The Shards of Time, where one is used as a sidequest item. However, given their supposed cosmic origins, they could very well appear anywhere, and not just the Mushroom Kingdom.


Starlight Gems appear as a roughly six-inch tall crystal formation in the shape of a four-pointed star. Surprisingly, the gem's very surface shimmers and twinkles like that of a blanket of stars and cosmic dust, constantly changing in color and intensity. The very center of the gem glows brightly, like the core of a star.

Given their cosmic appearance, many people claim that Starlight Gems are the crystallized shards of actual stars infused with nebulaic dust.


Given their incredibly rarity and therefore lack of documentation, the supernatural properties of the Starlight Gem, if it even has any, are nebulous at best. The only known property of this crystal is that it gives off a decent amount of light, generated by it's "core". Other supposed powers are the source of constant debate; some claim the gems contain powerful, reality-warping magic, while others claim the gems can generate intense starfire that makes regular flames pale in comparison. Still others believe the gems have no supernatural properties beyond the generation of light.

Known Owners

Those who have (or have had) a Starlight Gem in their possesion

  • Mario - Formerly, given to Mega Wiggler to replace the Time Crystal Shard he had to take from him.