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Box Art Coming Soon
Developer(s) Team-Eva (tbc)
Publisher(s) Nightcore Games
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
1st of January 2012 - Worldwide
Adventure Mode
Media Included DS Cartridge

Starlight is an RPG video game created by Team-Eva (tbc), published by Nightcore Games and licensed by Nintendo. Starlight follows the adventures of the main character Alina and her journeys through the Universe. Alina along with the help of the Zodiacs is able to complete her journey and find eternal peace and happiness.


Alina's father died in a shooting before she was born and Alina's mother died when she was 9 in an accident on stage. Alina was constantly bullied and decided to try and take her own life at 15. Alina was stopped by a bright light and was transported into what she believed to be another dimension or a form of heaven. Alina was greeted by the Zodiacs and is told she is the 100th re-incarnation of the holy spirit of light. The Zodiac Libra explains to Alina that she is not worthless and has the most importance in the Universe over everyone else. Libra continues to tell Alina that she controls the balance in the Universe and the balance over life and death. Alina is angered by the fact that Libra has let Alina go through so much pain and suffering in her life when she had the power to stop it, Libra tries to explain why she had to do what she did and says "Look at it this way, without darkness, there can be no light." a phrase that comes up significantly throughout the game and a line that is repeat when the game over screen is presented. Libra proceeds to take Alina to Leo who explains that there are multiple variations of the same world only with different outcomes, he tells her about worlds where the Egyptians ruled on until the present day and a world where Hitler won the war. He tells her that throughout each world are 12 segments of a pendant that allow the Zodiacs to use their powers, the pendents where destroyed buy the holy spirit of darkness and that she must retrieve them before the Zodiacs loose all their powers and the Universe overcomes to the darkness. Alina ventures through 12 areas of 12 worlds to ultimately save the Universe and be granted eternal peace. Alina agrees to help the Zodiacs but is constantly interrupted by the holy spirit of darkness who attempts to stop her from saving the Zodiacs by making her realize the Universe might not be worth saving. Alina manages to complete her task but is shocked when she finds the holy spirit of darkness had replaced the Zodiacs during her travels and she must defeat 12 bosses and the games final boss the holy spirit of darkness and she is finally granted. eternal peace and is reunited with her parents in the afterlife.


Image Name Role Description Playability
N/A Alina The Holy Spirit of Light Alina is the 100th re-incarnation of the holy spirit of light. Alina tried to take her own life but learned the her life is the most important life of all. Playable
N/A Aries Zodiac of Aries Aries is the leader of the Zodiacs. Aries is the most powerful and the most knowledgeable of all the other Zodiacs. Non-Playable
N/A Tauros Zodiac of Tauros

Tauros is the second Zodiac and the second most powerful. Tauros is sensual and a down to earth typed character.

N/A Gemeni Zodiacs of Gemeni The Gemeni's are two twins, a brother and a sister. The Gemeni's are fun, witty and enthusiastic. Non-Playable
N/A Cancer Zodiac of Cancer Cancer is selfless, understanding and very caring. Cancer is also very friend orientated. Non-Playable
N/A Leo Zodiac of Leo Leo is couragous and brave. Leo is charismatic, charming and enthusiastic. Non-Playable
N/A Virgo Zodiac of Virgo Virgo is flirty and loving, she never takes anything for granted and is good at pleasing others. Non-Playable
N/A Libra Zodiac of Libra Libra is a laid-back kind of girl with a charming personality and a bit on the flirty side. Non-Playable
N/A Scorpio Zodiac of Scorpio Scorpio is strong, determent and vengeful. She is spiteful, clever and gluttonous. Non-Playable
N/A Sagittarius Zodiac of Sagittarius Sagittarius is a loyal, clever and serious Zodiac, Sagittarius is a skilled hunter and has a love for adventure. Non-Playable
N/A Capricorn Zodiac of Capricorn Capricorn is patient, loyal, absent-minded and ambitious natured. Non-Playable
N/A Aquarius Zodiac of Aquarius Aquarius is calm, collective and confident. She open-minded and very clever. Non-Playable
N/A Pisces Zodiac of Pisces Pisces is imaginative, devoted and is also very compassionate. Pisces is the weakest Zodiac but one of the smartest. Non-Playable
N/A Amaro The Holy Spirit of Darkness The 100th re-incarnation of the Holy Spirit of Darkness. Amaro sees the Universe as meaningless and just a dark, meaningless cycle of life and death. Final Boss


  • The name "Alina" means "Light" or "Starlight" and the name "Amaro" means "Dark" or "Black Light". The names where chosen because the two characters represent Light and Dark.

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